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Samurai Jeans


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Quick observation of the new 25oz denim.


It isn’t that brutal to wear. The only issue was the buttoning but that was to be expected. When damp, they were also a bitch to turn right-side out again after the soaking process. But now on my legs, they feel good. Of course you always feel that you wear them but they bend quite well and are don't restrict your movement. IMO that’s a very good thing! I think the key is not to wear them too tight.


The texture is similar to the 24oz version. You see a decent amount of slubs and irregularities. Hairy but only very short fibers.

The denim is darker than the 24oz Samurai denim. It appears nearly black but in certain lights you can see it’s a deep deep indigo blue with a redcast, resulting in a slight purple shade.


When I was flipping my s710 inside out, I ripped my thumb nail off to halfway down my nailbed, hurt like a mother.

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^ Thank you Max :) Yes, I asked Yuichi to wash them.

Is this what you mean? I have other denims but I don't know how much they weigh. They are all off-the-rack. Sorry :blush:

Hope the ruler is good enough to show the thickness.


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Re: Sakurastyle-Kobe on Rakuten. I have bought a pair of Samurai Jins couple of month ago as my HWDC pair (too small for my fat ass now, regretly), denim was pristine, great, very pleased. Excellent service from them, received them within few days to EU without any custom tax, pp accepted, great service. Would use them again for sure

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Looks like one of the Samurai/BiG collabs has arrived:



Later on Gordon posted about the Red Hawks, is that a red weft, or?



About to order some s710xx 15ths. No one has some in 34 they want to sell do they? Otherwise I'm ordering Monday! Pretty excited.



Niceee!! Thought you were unloading because you didn't want to have so many jeans ;)

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From the pic, no red weft. And Samuai doesn't have a red weft denim in stock (of which I am happy). I'm not a fan of all these colored wefts you see everywhere lately.


From the said pic, the denim could be the zero denim again.

Yeah, that is what I thought regarding the red, but just couldn't think of anything at the time.

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Black Hawk is obviously blac, and the Red Hawk is blue. Just look at the pictures on instagram ;)


edit: altough I wonder why on the Red Hawk there is a "S710BK-Red" written on the inside tag. Still, on the pic it looks like blue denim

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