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Ideas for the next SuFu Denim Contest?!

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Ill set it up. Maybe a 3005 contest fh well try to use a different fabric from their line


Ed dude fuck seriously!!! 3005 cut RJB flagship zimbabwe denim... shit would be amazing and for some reason they've never done it. Pls ed I'd drop my pair in a second to go in on a contest like that

Bring it on!!!!!

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This could be done in two years, enough time to make preparations and to seal the deal

Couldn't imagine it would come together faster than a year, and think that would be a good amount of time to get dwc jeans established and rotate them in.

Max did pretty good with his ues and hwdc jeans on rotation

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I'm certainly in for a TFH contest, a 3005 contest and/or RJB contest!

A 3009 in RJB denim had been done before: Take5's 10 years anniversary - TR-010

Personally, I would prefer the 3005/X005 cut...

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Foxy, surely it was the old RJB denim right? I think you'd agree that the "new" (2011/12'?) RJB denim is in a class of its own...


Honestly I really do think a lot of you would dig the 3005 in RJB's flagship denim... on top of it being my grail pair...

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Yup, in the old RJB denim...which produced all those nice fades that SE documented over the years.

I pointed it out in order to make case for the 3005 cut instead of the 3009 cut.

The new RJB denim is kind of an unknown quantity here on SuFu - which is why I have my good friend Oleg run the D001 cut for the DWCS contest...

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A lot of straight cuts for sure, but they're all for very repro-y denim like fullcount, warehouse, etc.


Stuff like strike gold, stevenson, etc with more out=there denim have straight tapered cuts, not a true straight...


I also say we embrace the gold two-tone diamond stitched arcs... keep it real rjb up in here




will be so bummed if this doesn't come through :'(

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