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Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info


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Skull 5010 restock just came in at SESF and our online store:


No more Skull jeans for another few months after this run.

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Did you restock all sizes, cuz some of them are sold out already especially in my size:(

Yup, we got every size up to 36.

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Hey I bought the last feather necklace....or at least thats what I was lead to believe!

Kiya, sup, quick question.

I want those 66BSPBK's, do they ship from the NYC store or the LA store? (I need them in by friday haha)


They ship from the SF store, you'll have them way before friday.

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Sup. Just ordered them.

Can I have the inside pocket signed or something similar to that? :P



Our guy shipped it out within 2 minutes of you ordering..

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Kiya would you advise to order from SENY if I'm located on the East coast? I ask because i ordered my SEXDBXS09 Monday and still haven't received, SENY didn't have because it released before opening of course, but for future releases is why I ask.

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Measurements (Pre-Soak)

W32 L36 (Tagged)

Actual Waist - 33"

Inside Leg - 12.75"

Front Rise - 12"

Rear Rise - 16"

Knee - 9.75"

Leg Opening - 8.75"

Inseam - 36'

Measurements (Post-Soak)

W32 L36 (Tagged)

Actual Waist - 32"

Inside Leg - 11.75"

Front Rise - 11.5"

Rear Rise - 15.5"

Knee - 9.25"

Leg Opening - 8.5"

Inseam - 35"



The Patch


The Tag


Front Fit (Pre-Soak)


Back Fit (Pre-Soak)


The Soak


The Soak (Close-Up)


The Soak (Close-Up)




Hang Dry


My apologies for the low quality of photos but I wanted to get this done before I leave Friday AM. More to come...

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