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Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info


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Self Edge Denim Repair & Darning

We now offer a full range of repair services for all your denim jeans, jackets, and shirts.

We're capable of almost anything you can imagine including putting on new buttons which have come off, replacing zippers, repairing any holes, fixing torn pocket bags, reinforcing leather tags, re-chainstitching broken hem lines, and even installing real iron riveted suspender buttons.

These services are available at both SESF and SENY.

At Self Edge San Francisco we have acquired a 1950's Singer Darning machine and are now capable of repairing all holes in your jeans without the use of patches. This is how jeans were repaired from the turn of the century up until the 1960's. The machine has two threads, both indigo colored (or black/gray for black denim), and essentially creates denim where there is no denim and weaves it into the edges of the torn fabric, it's like magic and far more comfortable and cleaner looking than patching; this was the way all industrial tailors repaired jeans years ago.

Repair terms & pricing:

All garments must be brought into either SESF or SENY, we are currently not accepting mail-ins.

The cost for repairs is a flat $40 regardless of what needs to be done to the garment and $20 if the item was bought from Self Edge.

We will only work on clean garments, if you haven't washed your jeans or jacket in a while a good time to do it would be before dropping them off for repairs.

All work takes between 2 and 6 days depending on our current load.

The magical Singer Darning Machine (c. 1955)


Repaired hole in 21oz denim (Warp)



Repaired hole in 21oz denim (Weft)



man.. that's some good ass darning right there. I hope people realize that this is an authentic denim repair and no one else in the WORLD does this type of repair besides self edge. you guys rock.

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hey kiya I just called sesf and the dude said that even though online and in store theyre out of my size in the rjb106 that you guys are gonna get frequent restocks. any idea when the next shipment would come in? Id need a sz 36 btw

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hey kiya I just called sesf and the dude said that even though online and in store theyre out of my size in the rjb106 that you guys are gonna get frequent restocks. any idea when the next shipment would come in? Id need a sz 36 btw

Sorry, they probably didn't realize that we're not getting restocks of any of the RJB jeans, they are only made in one run about a year apart from each other, so the next restock is next year.

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Denim Repairs and more have officially started today at SESF and SENY.

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Very soon...the Made in Japan leather collection.

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Our guy shipped it out within 2 minutes of you ordering..

Was it the cute little blond boy?

We just reserved a room with 4 beds in it at Elements Hotel/Hostel in the Mission for April 30th and May 1st, friday to sunday.

It's for Superfuture users coming in from out of town.

Once the official thread for the party goes live we'll take submissions for people needing a place to crash for the weekend, it won't be a random drawing, it'll be based on your rep points, top 4 rep points takes the four beds.

Hmmm, too bad I snore and sleep naked.

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3sixteen Denim Collection Restock & Additions

We've received a full restock of 3sixteen's denim collection along with a new model, the ST-200x, which is a slim cut made of black selvedge denim from Japan's famous Nihon Menpu mill.

We launched 3sixteen's denim collection a year ago at Self Edge thinking it was a good compliment to our list of brands, we're pleased to see that our clients reacted well to this line and have requested more models and more types of fabrics to be used. The line is growing slowly and we're helping the brand improve with every run, the progress is astounding and it's great to see a line put this much passion into their product.

The straight leg model (SL) comes in an indigo selvedge and black selvedge, both fabrics from Japan. The slim leg model (ST) comes in a indigo selvedge from Japan, a black coated denim from Cone Mills, and starting this week also comes in black selvedge from Nihon Menpu. This will be the last run of the coated version as the mill is out of the fabric which was only made in a small quantity. The Straight leg models are now available up to size 38.

All these models, including a restock of the leather tan and black bracelets, are now available at SESF, SENY, and in our online store. PLUS, coming soon.


3sixteen SL-100x - Straight Leg Indigo Selvedge


3sixteen SL-200x - Straight Leg Black Selvedge


3sixteen ST-100x - Slim Indigo Selvedge


3sixteen ST-200x - Slim Black Selvedge


3sixteen ST-210 - Slim Black Coated






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Kiya, got a question on the fit of the SL-200x: I've been fiending for a pair of black selvage denim for a while, but I don't like a dropped yoke with a low pocket position on legs. I'm assuming these fit the same as the indigo version - which look like they don't have a low yoke. Fair to say these have a different fit than Imperials Dukes? I own a pair, and would wear them more were the pockets not too low on my ass.

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Jake, these fit nothing like Dukes, they're a classic straight leg with a medium rise. And yes, they fit just like the indigo version.

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I doubt there´s gonna be much sleeping this time either...Beatle will suffer major jet leg and wake u up to wonder the streets of San Francisco at 4 am in search of coffee***

Beatle, right in the neighborhood (Castro location) -- Philz coffee is THE BEST :


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almost all inseams "made in Japan" are chain stitched. If u get them hemmed it´s important to get it done with the proper sewing machine - one that does chain stitch.

It´s a special sewing stitch ..random pic


Random question. what kind of jeans are these? I ask because i sent in a pair of SD103's to Denim Doctors, with the hem scraps, for them to use if need be. When they sent me back my jeans these were the kinds of scraps they sent back. I've since used those scraps to make C-blowout patches.

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The red and blue selvage line - looks like Kicking Mule Workshop to me.

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I need a favor from everybody...

Go here:


And vote for "Chris Watchorn" (he's in the fourth row down).

He's a good friend of ours at Self Edge and his friend signed him for his without him knowing and he actually made the cut, now he needs to win.

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