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Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info


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Five new flannel shirts from Iron Heart and a massive amount of new shirts from Flat Head just landed at both stores.

Most of the items will be up in our online store later this week.

Also, full restock of the 1001 from Flat Head is back all the way up to size 38.

Please describe the new flat head shirts.

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The New York Times just gave SENY its third writeup since we've opened... this one is entirely dedicated to the shop and is quite in depth. It should be showing up in Thursday's print copy, but is currently posted up online for your reading enjoyment:


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It's going to be on page two of this coming Sunday's Style section of the New York Times.


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Shit - my wife gets the Sunday times. I better hide that article because once she sees the ballpark prices for some of those brands I have, she is going to start asking questions that are better left unasked for the sake of our marriage. Thanks for blowing up, Kiya....

...but seriously, congrats!

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Iron Heart Ombre & Mini-Check Flannels and more...

Iron Heart has just done a set of flannel shirts in two styles, each style in two colors.

Both the Ombre pattern and the Mini-Check have triple-brushed outers for a super soft hand-feel.

They nailed the colors on these, perfect for the spring and summer.

These are in along with a restock of the Cordura jackets Hickory Stripe Shirts, Super Black Rider's Jacket, Super Black Vests, brass buckle belts, Super Heavy Selvedge Chambray shirts, and all the jean models they produce.

These are all available now at SESF, SENY, and in our online store. Iron Heart's shirts are only made in one run per year, there are no restocks.


Iron Heart Ombre Flannel - Blue



Iron Heart Ombre Flannel - Green



Iron Heart Mini-Check Flannel - Purple



Iron Heart Mini-Check Flannel - Red



Iron Heart Hickory Stripe Shirt


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kiya, when is the FH wabash workshirt restock supposed to happen?

Sometime this spring, so before early July.

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Please go here and vote for my best friend's bands, vote for the Paranoids.

(no registration required)


Edit: No need to post in this thread saying you voted. :)

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We'll have more of the black/gray denim SE shirts in the fall.

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Flat Head Spring 2010 Shirt Collection and the 1001 Slim Heavy Weight Jean

It feels like a while since we received a large shipment of Flat Head shirts all at once, but the new spring season is now shipping from Flat Head.

We've got a great selection of new shirts in various colors; as always Flat Head is known for their original fabrics which they spend months perfecting and which they produce exclusively for their shirts.

We've also received a new FH Loopwheeled t-shirt which is produced for us up to size 46.

The Flat Head 1001 Slim jean in a heavy weight 16oz unsanforized indigo denim is back in stock, and now available up to size 38 for the first time. Flat Head's denim is known for it's amazing fading properties and this is a heavier version of their regular denim.

We've received a restock of the Flat Head cordovan card cases (small wallets) in both black and tan leathers and also a restock of the black Mid-Length Wallets and Sterling Silver Feather Rings.

All these Flat Head shirts, the 1001 jean, the Flat Head Feather Ring, cordovan card cases, a small restock of the SE05BSP, F380, and Women's Balder jean are now available at SESF, SENY, and in our online store:


Flat Head Spring 2010 Shirt Collection







Flat Head Bikers & Vintage Loopwheeled T-Shirt



Flat Head 1001 Slim Heavyweight Jean


Flat Head Sterling Silver Feather Ring


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Flat Head Black Leather Mid-Length Wallet


Flat Head Cordovan Small Wallets



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