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Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info


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the main thing about the shirts were that, imo, the fabric is too heavy and not suitable for a shirt - didnt look good when you rolled up the arms. which i didnt like cuz i almost always wear my shirts like that. i dont like press buttons on anything that isnt a denim shirt either. now they might use press buttons cuz of the heavy fabric, guess they would be harder to button up otherwise. and the jeans were, well, sanforized and i didnt like the rivets either. so yeah, mostly personal preferences. nothing wrong with the quality! :)

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Mister Freedom * Speed-Safe Clothing for Modern Riders * 2ND GEAR

The first new pieces from the Spring and Summer line of Mister Freedom have just come in. Expanding on the theme which was started in the fall of 2009 this collection goes deeper into vintage styles but moves the era up a bit to the 50's and 60's.

We've got a new light zip-up jacket in the form of the Breezer Drizzler made of an amazing fabric which has a cotton warp and a rayon weft. Great functional pockets, plaid ticking, and a great fit make this our perfect spring jacket. Available in both black and white.

Also in is a new take on the Mechanic's shirt in two new fabrics. One is a white chambray and the other is a black chambray with an indigo selvedge id.

Both these pieces in two colors each along with a restock of the Mechanic's sweatshirt and the wool watchcaps are now available at SESF, SENY, and in our online store. Check the product pages for the full spec lists, measurements, and hi-res photographs:


Mister Freedom Breezer Jacket - Black






Mister Freedom Breezer Jacket - White





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Mister Freedom Mechanic's Shirt - Black






Mister Freedom Mechanic's Shirt - White






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There's only three colors of the Breezer, black, white, and blue.

We got black and white, we didn't order the medium blue one.

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What about the Midnight Breezer (10 oz indigo/black denim)? Is that coming soon?

That's the Midnight Breezer, he only said Breezer, hence my response..

The Midnight Breezer has a different release date, comes out in a few weeks.

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Hello everyone,

Just ordered the 3sixteen st-100x...

New to SUFU, and just wanted to give a shout out to kiya for helping me out making sure I got the right size.

If anyones interested I'll post pics when I get the jeans.


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does a pair like the sexi08's ever restock or if they're gone that's it?

No more restocks of that jean, our collabs are only made in one run.

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We've just received some new Dry Bones shirts at SENY that are exclusive to the NY store.... if you're interested in picking one up and you're not local to us, give us a call at 212.388.0079 for a phone order.

DB Classic Blue Pinstripe Shirt:


DB Pinstripe Shirt (also comes in Beige):


DB Classic Blue Workshirt:


Lastly, we just received a Sugar Cane Cotton Twill Shirt Sleeve (available at SESF soon):


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hey-any idea on how much that sugarcane cotton twill is?

$165.. also, it's at SENY now, at SESF sometime this week..

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will it be available online?

Yup, in about a week.

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John, we're out of that size at both stores but are getting more this week.

You want a pair?

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About to soak my next pair of jeans, what they are nobody knows..



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