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  1. TORONTO Meetup

    OG Gianluca Isaia is in the house at Harry Rosen on Bloor. Dude is a rockstar!
  2. TORONTO Meetup

    We just got new maison martin margiela at the Harry Rosen on Bloor. This season looks awesome but we have extremely limited numbers. Sen me a PM if you want to come check it out.
  3. TORONTO Meetup

    It is only the Harry Rosen on Bloor in Toronto that carries it. Only retailer in the country that has it. Pretty reasonable prices too and a lot to choose from.
  4. TORONTO Meetup

    Hey everyone, well in case you didn't know I work at Harry Rosen now. I just wanted everyone to know that we are on sale as of today. We have some great stuff up to 50% off with most being 25-30% off including some RRL. Shoot me a text with you details at 416-316-9555 if you are coming by and I'll set you up nicely.
  5. TORONTO Meetup

    i am down... in that i will drink and judge as others sing... theres going to be some great shit going on that week...
  6. lets talk watches

    Picked this up the other day. I needed a dressier watch for a new job I landed at Harry Rosen in Toronto. I'll be wearing suits daily which is going to be a huge change for me.
  7. Tattoos

    My newest from David Glantz at Archive Tattoo in Toronto. Just got home and loving it.
  8. Tattoos

    Fuck, I am worst healer for tattoos ever. There is always one spot that gives me trouble. Most of this is healing well except for the hair between the earring and face. That area has suck a nasty scab. I am sure it is nothing that can't be touched up when I finish her off next month but shit I really have to stop drinking the nights before my long sessions.
  9. Tattoos

    Just got this the other day at Archive Tattoo from my friend Dave. One session so far. Just have to do a quick 1 hour session to finish it off with a little shading in the face and adding the scarf colour near the chicks chin. Super happy with the outcome and really looking forward to my next 3 sessions for other tattoos I have booked with him.
  10. Tattoos

    the worst is when everyone thinks there needs to be some deep meaning towards every tattoo you get and they think you are crazy when you tell them you thought it would look dope. sometimes the best reason to get a tattoo is just because you want another and thats that.
  11. Tattoos

    i never worry about synergy when getting a tattoos. i am all about smaller 4-7 hours pieces in random spots. if your next tattoo is really different from a previous one and you don't want them to clash just stick in a different part of your body and start a different theme there. for instance, on my left arm i have all war or military themed tattoos (even my steve mcqueen portrait is from the great escape). on my right arm i am going for modern interpretations of traditional tattoos.
  12. TORONTO Meetup

    40% OFF Online and In-Store at Motoretta with the discount code BOXINGDAY2 (for the online part anyways) http://motoretta.bigcartel.com/ Heritage Rsearch, Hillside, 3Sxiteen, Penfield, etc... We are doing a different sale everyday this week so it may not be as good in a couple days.
  13. Tattoos

    if you are questioning whether it is stupid it means it is stupid. just because black work is just a tattoo with no colour doesn't mean it is easy. i have seen some shitty solid black tattoos from artists that have an uneven hand. in the end you get what you pay for. you don't necessarily have to pay $150 an hour but approaching a tattoo artist from a strictly monetary point of view is retarded.
  14. What Are You Wearing Today (Denim Version)

    Motoretta/Brixton Customer Appreciation Night.
  15. TORONTO Meetup

    Motoretta is having a customer appreciation night on Wednesday. Free booze, food, cigars, discounts and prizes.