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wore the denime's for a bit yesterday and i have to say that i really am loving the fit now , thanks again for the comments guys 


took some detail pics since i got a decent camera :)


the patch feels really hard and kind of brittle after the hot wash but has a great texture




allways loved the little stitch in the corner of the pocket 




some pics of the hardware 











the xx denim is among my favorite denims without a doubt , the texture is great rough and slightly slubby but in no way over the top or exaggerated





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That's pretty common with Denime patches Flash, i've tried softening mine up with Obenaufs and other stuff numerous times, but nothing really seems to be able to do that.

it's something i've learned to appreciate, your patch looks great anyway and so does the fit on your XX-type.

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Heads up to London denim(e)heads. I've just come from Interstate in Covent Garden, which is sadly having a closing down sale. They have 1 pair of Denime left in a tagged 36 in one-wash state that measure 34. Lot No on the label is 915 and I assume they are a XX-type cut as they have hidden back pocket rivets. No red tab but a blue Denime tab on the left back pocket, so I assume they were made for the export market. Label inside says 'Mitsubishi Ltd' so that should provide a clue to their vintage. Yours for £130 if you can move your arse there sharpish.

They also had some second-hand 501s (I saw a pair of Big E's) and lots of old stock from Edwin, Camber T-shirts, etc. they even had a pair of non-selvage US made STFs in size 60!

It's a shame it's closing because it's a bit of an institution to me and the place where I bought my first Japanese jeans (Edwin Waynesville - in 2002) amongst loads of other stuff.

Happy bargain hunting! I just made do with a US made Spiewak N3B, which I've been in search of for some time now ;)

They also have a few Denime denim jackets left, but mostly in larger sizes,

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