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yeah but i just don't understand why the new era denimes haven't taken off with consumers as well as those in the Shins/Orizzonti operated times. but yeah the new denime still looks great, yours being a great example, and a part of me wants to try out the new denimes pretty badly too.

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Might pull the trigger on those raw 66XX...

Now the question, as usual, is the sizing question...

I'm 32 TTS but was wondering if I could size down one on those... Does anybody know if the XX denim stretch a bit or not?

Cause damn, those jeans look freaking awesome!


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My 66xx looked like leggings after two washes before wearing ( the proof is a few pages back), after a day of wearing they became what I think is a nice fit. The waist has never been the issue it's the thigh. I wouldn't size down if the thigh worries you.

I prefer Denime over Warehouse denim for how thick and smooth it feels

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After looking at Denimio measurements, and compared the measures on my Samuraï S5000VX, I think I may even size up one :D

Cause my Sams in 32 are great but were kind small at the beginning. Those ones are looking a bit smaller everywhere from thigh to leg opening... So I think a 33 with a hot soak should be ok... And if the waist is a bit too large, a belt should fix that, but at least I'm gonna be ok with the thighs

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^my Denime 66XX in size 34 are tighter than my S5000VX in 34...Sizing up could be a good option. Especially if you fear tightness in the thighs.


What I have to say about the new Denimes: the construction is top notch and most important, they are sturdy as hell. Not a single broken thread on my pair so far and especially the threads were rather weak on old Denimes.


I think one reason for BiG and PSA dropping Denime was, that when the new owner took over they didn't offer the XX or 66XX anymore but tried new pairs and the "New XX", all of those had probably less interesting denim than the old XX.

And about PSA not carrying Denime..they offer the 25th anniversary model though ;)



edit: great to see this thread so active! :)


edit2: will get some comparison pics up the next days when the lighting is on my side.

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