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OK, did it and enjoyed the sound of the vacuum seal breaking immensely.




Strange for me to see the denim is so rough on the inside, but relatively smooth on the outside, oh and no rivets.




So, with a trip through the washing machine and et viola.




They don’t feel anywhere as tight as my 66XX’s after the first wash and they was a size up.  And I can feel them stretching as I put them on. Leg opening is a little smaller than I’m used to, but with the right footwear it’ll be a nice change.

Couple of bonus shots, yes I’m shit at taking photos.




Also measurements for those interested.

Waist 36>34

FR 11.5>11

BR 14.5>14

Thigh 12.5>12

Inseam 36>33.5

Hem 7.5>7.25




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The main problem with the 66XX for me was the tightness at the lower thigh/knee. No doubt these will stretch a lot. They feel like my Denime 505's, but with a lower rise and better denim.

When I wear these they feel like my naked & famous X ONI against my skin, just the outside feels nothing like them.

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ok ... so ive been going back and forward with the fit of my xx's , need some real honest opinions on the fit , ive been texting Beautiful Freak for some time and he suggested  i post them here ( most likely so i stop pestering him ;) )


ive posted fit's before , im not looking an ego boost :) just need to know that its not my love for the denim that is making me think they look ok 


they bunch in the crotch a little but i think that should lessen with wear ?? , i looked at some fit pic's online and it seems to be pretty common with the xx type 







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