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Well, I ordered them in 33... And damn, denimio is just damned site! I wanted just one pair, but could not resist! Ordered also Eternal 883 in 32 and Full Count 1109 in 32 as well... Oh well, I might be OK for few years now :D

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Thx for those comparison pics! I will try to take some pics later today. From the top of my head I would say the 1951 denim has a rougher and “more dry†feeling than the new XX denim. Could also be because it is just older?!

And going by simple stats, the 1951 denim is 15oz (IIRC) whereas the new XX denim has 14oz.

Correct me if wrong :)

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Now you are all making me think about cheating on my resolutes.



cheating is fine as long as you don't get caught ;)



Yes but they live together



Wait wattt? 


PLAYERSSS in the house!!!!!!

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Mr-Bielby and I share the same problem. Too much money spent on denim, leaving uns with not enough for a good cam..


The 2 pairs in question





XX (new one)





Comparison of the denim



IMO you can clearly see that the 1951 denim (left) uses thicker warp threads. The XX denim shows a tighter weave, maybe because of the thinner warp, letting less weft show through resulting in a darker and more consistent surface.

The 1951 denim is a tad lighter in color. Like I said earlier, the 1951 has a rougher feel and also has more slubs and irregularities in the denim.

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I guess now I have to walk around half-naked…


It’s really bad luck. Hoggreaser gave me the link to the shop ages ago. I contacted the shop last year already and was about to buy them but they were kinda hard to deal with (only wire transfer&stuff). I waited and last week I contacted Sutocorp to ask the shop some questions and buy them eventually. I gave my OK yesterday and from Saturday to Sunday the shops seems to have sold them (or updated their stock/online stock)


15 years in stock and then I miss them by 2-3 days…Must be a sign :D

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For anybody who's interested in a Denime ''NEW 66'', they're on sale at the Blue Owl Workshop. Only 2 sizes left 30 & 34: 



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Well, after few days in my 66XX can't be more satisfied! The fit is just perfect (hopefully, I followed B_F i sized up one on those...). I did a soak at 50°C for couple of hours and now they're just fine. I mean, waist is perfect, I like the room in the thighs area and the little taper is great. And most of all, the denim itself is just amazingly soft even if still rigid. Construction seems to be all good. Can't wait to see what they're gonna look like in few months. Might wear them for my Canadian trip next week to start fading them!

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Not to piss on anyone's parade but that's the same price you can pick them up for in Japan :P


Take a look here and buy, no shipping ;)



Isn't the one Blue Owl is selling the New/Low Rise version, and the 66 (non XX) denimio is selling is a higher rise, more historical cut? 

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I believe they stopped making the "New 66," which is the low rise (3 button fly) model.  After looking at the denime.jp site, their "Basic Denim" 66-type (non XX) has 4 buttons, where as my "New 66" (purchased from Blue Owl) only have 3 buttons on the fly.  Also, the back yoke of my "New 66" is extremely shallow and almost rectangular with the top of the back pockets VERY close to the yoke stitch, where as the 66-type currently on the denime.jp site has a more traditional, deeper v-style yoke with traditional pocket placement.


I could be wrong, but that's I'm guessing

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