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  1. DenimProject - The Deviants 2013 Contest

    Holy shit!! Now that is a nice pair! I particularly like the traintracks.
  2. DenimProject - The Deviants 2013 Contest

    Guys, does anyone still wear these? I am curious to see what look like after more wear!
  3. BS United Oni Denim Pics

    Nice fit Crat!! What size did you get?
  4. TCB: happy jeans contest

    Holy shit that is uncensored foodporn!!
  5. UES Denim

  6. UES Official Contest 2014/1/1 - 2014/12/31

    4 months in and here is a little update on my 23 Oz. 400 T's I had no difficulty what so ever braking these in. The fabric was pretty soft from day 1... I mean we are talking extreme rigid 23 Oz. denim and they are still tough as shit. But somehow they adapted/shaped to my body pretty quick. They haven't had another wash since the first initial soak and machine-wash but that is going to change soon. I'll trow them in the machine washer next weekend and do another update! The fabric is just amazing and has the same fading potential as my first pair. Extra info: Apparently llvlaglne reached out to Lee, asking if these would ever go into production. Answer was NO. (That is correct right, llvlaglne?) So only one pair was made and it will stay like that, making this an extremely limited pair! But then this also made me think, is this 23 Oz. even woven by UES? Did they maybe buy it somewhere else to craft my pair? In the end it doesn't matter that much, but I wish there was a bit more information out there.
  7. Denimasa Jeans

    These look really good! Any info about the green line and the red line denim you used for these?
  8. TCB Ranchman shirt group order thread

    I'm excited for them to arrive... and I didn't even order! haha
  9. UES Official Contest 2014/1/1 - 2014/12/31

    Thanks Tillman! And definitely good to be back. We've been hopping apartments for a few months and now we have finally settled. No more stress and a little more time for denim.
  10. UES Official Contest 2014/1/1 - 2014/12/31

    A few days, a Selvedge run and Berlin Fashion Week later.... The jeans got exactly what they needed. I followed the same steps UES prescribed on their website on how to wash the jeans. First soak for at least an hour, I did 2 hours (Don't think it really matters that much). And after the soak they advice a machine wash, which I did. A cycle of 62 minutes on 60 degrees with 1400 RPM (for anybody who cares about these details haha). My goal was to get all the shrink out and I think I succeeded! Couldn't button-up directly because the button holes were too tight! I used a pencil to widen them with succes. The waist stretched back pretty fast and actually some fades started to appear immediately after a few days of wear. I think these will go even harder and faster than the other 400T pair. Measurements RAW: Size: 34 Waist: 17,5 Front rise: 11,2 Back rise: 14,8 Thigh (2'' below crotch): 12,5 Knee (13'' below croth): 9,5 Hem: 8,4 Inseam: 37 Outseam: 47,8 Measurements after soak + machine wash: Size: 34 Waist: 16,5 Front rise: 10,5 Back rise: 14,2 Thigh (2'' below crotch): 11,7 Knee (13'' below croth): 9,2 Hem: 7,9 Inseam: 35 Outseam: 45,5 Now I understand why Lee sent me a size 34 instead of the same size af my winning pair, a 33. It would never had fit! Picture of the backside of the hems. Picture of the frontside of the hems with intense legtwist. I like!
  11. UES Official Contest 2014/1/1 - 2014/12/31

    It took a long time to make them and I had to be patient... I had to be VERY VERY patient but finally they are here. Here we have the UES 400T limited 23oz. heavyweight jeans. First impression: they are fucking awesome!!!! The heaviest fabric I had on was 18oz, but this feels double that. Construction is flawless. They are obviously made with a lot of care and attention. No loose threads or anything else I can mark as negative. They have the same huge front pockets and the only difference I could find is that these DO have a red tab! This is the 400T model in a size 34... Not sure why I got a 34, because my size was 33. Maybe because the fabric is so thick and this was a silent advice from Lee?? Well, I can't say much more about the fit right now are they are still raw. I am going to soak them tonight and give them a machine wash tomorrow, then more pictures will follow! Then I'll also know if size 34 is a fit or not. Raw Measurements Size: 34 Waist: 17,5 Front rise: 11,2 Back rise: 14,8 Thigh (2'' below crotch): 12,5 Knee (13'' below croth): 9,5 Hem: 8,4 Inseam: 37 Outseam: 47,8
  12. UES Official Contest 2014/1/1 - 2014/12/31

    BF is not the only one who got a present... !!! But first an update of how my UES look now after 1,5 years of wear. I made some pictures on different places with different lighting. Still... impossible to capture how fucking awesome they look in real life after so much wear and fades. I still wear them a lot. They probably had 15 washes by now.
  13. UES Official Contest 2014/1/1 - 2014/12/31

    Actually no news.... Lee contacted me short after winning the contest. He mentioned to be working on my 23oz pair and that he would contact me ones finished. That was the 16th of February. Since then I haven't heard anything.
  14. UES Official Contest 2014/1/1 - 2014/12/31

    Aaaah awesome! YIIIIHHAAAA Now I just have wait for the official call from UES haha. If I can still sign in for the denim world championship, I tend to use the 23oz pair for that. Would love to see them fade.