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figured I could post some pics of the "New 66" i snagged from the Blue Owl sale.  I know these are not the ideal cut to grab from Denime, but I wanted to give them a try since they were easy to buy and I thought they might work.  This that being said, here is my take on the jeans:


1. The denim, although not the XX denim, is still pretty interesting in a very minimalistic way. The only thing I have ever seen in person that even comes close to this is the Warehouse denim on my 660 from 2009. The feel is quite rough and the slubs are very infrequent, but still there. I got some good leg twist, but not what I expected. I did a super agitated cold soak since I was already worried about the rise being too low, but everything shrunk up to expected measurements.

2. The rise is sooo low. I can see why these were a slow seller. The closest thing I could compare this too is the RRL low straight. That being said, someone really slim could wear these and be very happy, but since I'm 6'1, 200#+, these will always be worn with a long shirt over the waist.

3. The cut from the thigh to the leg opening is awesome. Nice slim thigh and an awesome cut from below the knee - almost like the 660 and the FH 3005 had a baby - if only the rise was better, these would be my favorite jeans.


now for some pics:



close up:



Bonus self timer fail pick



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After missing out on the Denime 10th anniversary 1952 at the Japanese shop, I tracked down a pair on Yahoo Auction. I used Sutocorp as proxy and the jeans wrrived today!



Still sealed in the plastic vacuum bag





Made by Capital (before Orizzonti, following hoggreaser's investigation the shift in ownership was around the 10th anniversary)




Originally I didn't plan to open them yet but ripped the bag open by accident and then I said: "Fuck it!". So here we are now

First impression: They fucking smell! 15 years wrapped up in a plastic bag left a penetrating plastic stench :D





















From what I know, this model uses a lighter denim than the XX denim (I'd say 13,5oz because I think I read something like this). The denim is more irregular than the XX denim. A lighter and greyish color. Not to far off from the 20th anniversary colorwise.

Fit is a bit wider in the leg than the 1951 model. But i haven't soaked them yet and I don't plan to do so in the near future.

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Probably has to do with their relative scarcity outside of Japan (very few if any retailers, even in the rest of Asia) and the assumed drop in the quality of denim post-Hayashi. Both mean that you don't see a lot of faded pairs on English language social media and people are not ready to take a chance with their own purchase.


Ironic given how popular RMC products are overseas, but I think Denime does just fine in Japan and perhaps they are not so interested in being an internationally-recognised brand. 

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@hog: you can find the 1937 model on Yahoo in a size 34 and also size 36. That one shop also has a size 34 in stock ;)


What I found odd:

My pair has a different Lot# then the pair I was about to buy earlier.


The other pair



My pair



Cut also be because of the switch in ownership at that point. But my pair is also cheaper than the ones from the shop. By 1,750 Yen.


Ha, those forensics are fun :)

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