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Yay.. joining the Denime club soon! :P

1951XX Shins bought, hope they fit this time..

(bought a pair of Tokyos a few months back, but they were way too small for me.)

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I wonder if anyone could help me i.d. these Denime (basic) jeans more precisely, please. 

 The tag inside the back pocket is missing. The label is paper, see photo. The coin pocket isn't selvedge.

I bought them since the late 90s and they no longer fit.I'd like to sell them but dont know the exact model to list.





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Wow! Like Double O says, you are good!:)


The tab is dark blue. I bought them from Browns in South Molton Street back in (I'm pretty sure) '98. So, from what you say they will be Orizzonti era, though the inside label is missing. The denim is beautiful.


(Browns had a batch of Denime, which, at the time, I'd never seen before in London. They were selling them cheaper than the other Japanese denim available in town. I snapped up a couple of pairs and these remain. )


Thanks very much bF.

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Thx :)

Denime were sold overseas with a those dark blue tabs in the 90s. I think back then mainly in the UK. AFAIK, the were modeled after the typical Levi's cuts ('50s, 't60s) but were labelled with names instead (can't remember which names, but just like Diesel gives a name to their cuts). Sometimes you see an old pair of those on eBay. I don't think they used their XX denim for that line but rather their standard (and a touch lighter) denim.

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I don't own the 66xx, but i guess it depends on your build.


If you are normal/slim i think 34 works, i have big legs so i always have to go up 1 or 2 in 66 cuts.


I think a few ppl here have the new 66xx, they can give a better answer. :rolleyes:

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Just soaked & almost dry. Sorry for bad iphone pics & sloppy triplecuff, gonna hem these later on..


Otherwise, just wow.. these are amazing.. so happy i bought em! :D






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^^ Careful there is a difference between New 66 and the 66XX. And there are/were 2 types of non-XX '66 cuts. Both are a bit oversized in the waist but will shrink down. Watch out for the thigh measurements!


^is that the pair you got from eBay? Was the seller located in the UK? I'm just wondering because the pair I saw in size 34 had Lot.342 (or something like that)

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