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Nice find Lemmy.

Pictures like that make me wish I got into this years ago. Like a decade.

But then I'd still have no money :(

At least you'd know your size though and would have built up an excellent seller reputation on eBay, Sufu, StyleForum, Denimbro...

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Update of my Denime take 5 contest pants in daily use from February 2010 until Start of 2012.

Since then just occassional wear as my downgraded outdoor pants

(together with my second outdoor pants my first Nudie Regular Ralf on the left hand side).

One of those 2 pants I'll downgrade very soon as my new work pants out in teh forest and doing other jobs out in the dirt

Like usual no soak or any wash on them (exept some wet legs from skitouring and I was catched in a rain shower twice)



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Hey guys, found this pair at a shop in Siam Square, Bangkok the other day. No idea about the authenticity of it, but the denim has a beautiful texture and feels substantial in weight, about the same as a used and washed 14 oz pair. Managed to bargain it down to 900 baht and I snapped it up.. figured that even if its fake its inexpensive and looks beautiful so why not?






Found this tag sewn into the back pocket. Don't know much about Denime, would appreciate some enlightenment. Thanks in advance.


And finally, a fit pic. I love the fit and the denim is very comfortable


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