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Excellent buy Bobblehead

And no matter if fake or not, the fading and patina is just awesome!!!! Very authentic look and worn in the hard cowboy way.

I would have done the same like you and just would have bought them right away

The oxidiced rivets are awesome, perhaps from the climate?

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Quite tight Hogg, only pulling your, er ..... pilsner?

High rise alone doth not maketh a roomier top block (e.g. LVC 54ZXX), that's down to the cut itself, but it does allow for a little more freedom by way of sagging. Unless Simon Cowell is your style icon, of course.

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yep..my 1108 have a rather high rise but not much room in the crotch. just buy the right size and don't size down ;)

hip measurement has a lot to do with the crotch room but nearly no brand offers those measurements.

your pair has a very light overal color. washed how often?

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