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i know mate but ive got a few 66 type cuts and i really want to try the xx but i just need a push :) ( but as we talked about im trying my best not to buy any new jeans for a while )


i allways thought the xx type was a great fit for you especially with your redwing engineers 

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Hi people at the Denime Institute,

I bought myself a Denime 506 jacketg,but I like to have more info about this 1.

I'm sure you can help me.

I also like to put pictures of this jacket,but I don't know how to do it,I can't find a button which I can use to add pictures. :-(

CU 501zxx :-)

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you will need a photobucket account ( or your choice of hosting site ) then upload to the host site , if your using a tablet you can download the app and its pretty straight forward from there 

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You're correct bF, blue was used by Orizzonti on Denime which were sold on the international market.

I also have a jacket with a blue tab.

I've seen the black/gold tabs too, i believe they are older and perhaps the predecessor to the blue tab.

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there's 2 variations for the jacket

blue tab = normal denim

red tab = XX denim

oh, and 1 more S506xx which does not have a pocket flap

if i remembered correctly...

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