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    66 Diary: LVC vs. SUGAR CANES

    I’d like to invite you to my new project (besides the coming ROY-contest): a comparison between the original 1966 501 repro by LVC and the Sugar Canes 1966 US model, 1st series (with arcs). Cone vs. Japanese Denim. I own both jeans brand new and I’ll wear them in rotation exactly for, hmm, let’s say 100 times at least to see how both pairs develop within this time. Soaked together, washed together and so on. For a reference I’ve got my beautiful Denime 66xx, one year old and worn a lot: The 1966 model is one of the milestones in the history of the 501- the cut is slimmer with tapered legs (some call it ‘carot-shape’) and more modern compared to the older models. Today it’s one of the favorite cuts for us denimheads. Bar tacks instead of hidden rivets, a lower rise and the disappearance of the coin pocket-selvage line are some of the changes compared to it’s predecessors. LVC 1966 The fabric of the LVC66 is a typical cone denim- flat and clean with a greyish touch, less stiff than the 47’s fabric e.g. PRESOAK MEASUREMENTS (tagged 32x34”) Waist 33“ Front Rise 11.5“ Back Rise 15.5” Upper Thigh 11.5” Knee 9.5” Hem 8” Inseam 32.5” (all measurements BiG-Style. Right, the inseam is really short in inches, but it isn't too short, at least 4me. Maybe I've grabbed a wrong tagged model?) SUGAR CANES 1966 The SC1966 is made in the USA from japanese Denim (at least that's what most ppl suggest. BiG says it's from the US, but I really don't think so). The fabric is a 100% Double ring-spun Cotton, lot more irregular, thicker and, yeah, really 'more japanese' than the LVC's. PRESOAK MEASUREMENTS (tagged 31x34”) Waist 32“ Front Rise 12“ Back Rise 15.5” Upper Thigh 12” Knee 9.5” Hem 8” Inseam 35.5” Note the huge and real square backpockets on both models. Note the longer yoke of the Canes. Nearly identical silhouette. Paper patch on the LVC's... ...and the Canes. I'm not a big friend of this loud "Made in USA"-stamp. (---)
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