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down the horological rabbit hole, back out with a tisell with horological flowers



[whilst in Geneva had the chance to gawk at quite a few things down the rue du rhone; the Richard Mille shop only had one piece in the window, whilst plastering the airport with these crazy pieces... from my brief looking in general the winners in the Swiss game are the divers of Tudor Pelagos and Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, but in general have my eyes much more on tool aesthetics of Seiko and Sinn]




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On 6/17/2023 at 11:43 AM, vIGGiou riou said:

My trusty Submariners. I have them almost 30 years. As in that time I was professional commercial diver, they have more than 1000 dives. Couple of times they touched even 100 meters below. 20 years ago price started to go up, so I started as old school diver (now all divers, recreational and professional don't use watch - me yes - habit from times we had to calculate time and depth from diving tables) use Apeks diving watch, not to loose my Submariners. 
here together with LVC 505 MiUSA 46 days in and Studio D’ Artisan polo


Entirely epic @vIGGiou riou. Are you on Instagram by any chance? Would love to chat and hear more about those years as a commercial diver, etc.!

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Hey @aho, sorry, didn't visit this thread 2 weeks... yeah, although I had in my life many professions, but diving career was the best part. commercial diving was just only 3 years, than I was disqualified due to my health results. Very strong limits. My problem high cholesterol. Commercial diving is task diving under safety protocol. And life in shifts which took weeks was only dive, solve task, decompression, eat, sleep... More fun was before, when I was just only dive instructor, after courses of TechDiving and commercial diving and at the end of career I was years technical diving instructor. I met so many great people around diving. Lucky part of life. Now I am recreational diver and I enjoy it as much as possible....

 Quality of my Submariner is amazing. During the time they were many times in Rolex servis for to maintenance and change of seals. When they were new they did + 2 minutes each month. After many services still they do +2 minutes in each month and effort of watch mechanics was for nothing. And this is my certainty that the world is not perfect. In imperfection is beauty of humen creation :cool:

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