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16 minutes ago, rodeo bill said:

^really nice. The case looks exactly like a West End Watch Co. PRIMA I have in a box somewhere. I wonder if it's the same case maker (or put together from parts at some point). Either way looks lovely. 

Probably same maker for the case. This is really small, like 29mm.

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2 minutes ago, Double 0 Soul said:

In which case.. why would you need a watch?? at least the socks keep your feet warm :D

And the watches make people be in a perpetual rush and suffer from being late, instead of sitting at home on the couch without socks and listening to Haydn.

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3 hours ago, Maynard Friedman said:

I lost my watch and was late for work so now I’ve been sacked. I can’t afford to pay my heating bill so had to sell all my Haydn records to buy socks to keep warm.

It's so sad when you have to sacrifice one for the other. I'm warm indoors, I have socks on, Haydn is on a streaming service. And I don't have to go to work.

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