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I actually thought all the contest jeans were great, I'd often look at them and think they looked better than mine. But then looking at mine in the factory they seem to look even better than I remember them!
Interesting, too, how similar all my different jeans seem to end up. Those two are really similar, although when you look at the 50s close-up there's beautiful detailing where the warp has just worn away over the whisker creases.
Your jeans are great, Volvo, you are the role model we're all trying to emulate. ! Stay well. x


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2 hours ago, Paul T said:

I'd often look at them and think they looked better than mine

clearly you don't have enough denim self-esteem then!


2 hours ago, Max Power said:

Fit after 2 days



those really look great on you Flo. Almost changed my mind on the cut after seeing your fit.

Funny how I seem to really enjoy wearing a pair when it's more or less "done". Here's the 20s/30s tux.



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Carrying on from the theme of max powers 50's slims I thought I'd share my thoughts on the catboy slims as there seems to be very little info out there on them.  I was fortunate to pick this pair up from eBay in barely used condition, already hemmed to my leg length for just £31.  The listing was pretty bad though and while there were limited pictured measurements that looked like they should fit but there was no mention of their tag size.  Didn't realise the size tab was sewn into the watch pocket.  So I'm normally a 34 but these are a 36. As max mentioned in his thoughts on his 50's slim, sizing up is not a problem with the TCB slim cuts as it gives a bit more rise.

Size wise they fit true to size in the waist, front rise on a size 36 is 11 inches and leg opening is 7.25 inches but these have been shortened to a 28 inch inside leg so maybe the taper carries on a bit?  Speaking to Ryu at TCB he reckons the catboy fabric has about 0.5 inches more stretch in it than the 50s fabric.

Although they are not a pair of jeans I'd normally go for I'm really enjoying wearing them. The denim pops with some beautiful purple hues, the patch is beautiful and wearing them oversized makes them really comfortable (even with the unflattering Lee wide pocket placement!).

And a few crappy images...






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I'm a bit confused by tcb sizing and looking at catboy slims.... 

(Asking for a friend :ph34r:, no buy 2020)  

Most brands I'm a 31 waist, although have lost quite a bit of weight recently, based on my purchase history Denimio are suggesting a 30 or even a 29 as I took a 30 in Oni and 31 in SDA....

I have to admit they got the Oni sizing advice spot on but I'm real hesitant to order a 29 or 30 from Ryo, get them hemmed and not be able to return. 

Anyone got a pair in 29/30/31 to confirm measurements? 

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@lee porter the waist is almost identical in my sizes 36. The main difference is that the tcb has a fuller leg throughout the hip to the hem. It tapers  in the end so the hem is only about 0.5cm wider but the whole fit is fuller. I hope this helps? I'll try to take comparison fit pics in the next days, might take a while though.


The denim feels pretty similar to Resolute BTW, a bit underwhelming at first but benefits from washing 

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