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Loopwheeled/Vintage T-Shirts


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Lady White Co. tees are tubular knit, not truly loopwheeled but still very nice. Same goes for Mister Freedom tees, which are more like a true XL. I would say Flat Head THC tees fit like a true XL, the 46's I have are a little on the long side so I might try some 44's next time round. Also Tezomeya tees are loopwheeled and fit like a true XL, but same issue with the FH tees (body length). Iron Heart makes some loopwheeled tees that tend to run a bit bigger.  All that being said I'm really jumping on the Lady White Co. wagon after my recent purchase, they really really stepped things up compared to the original offerings.

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I've bought some Buck Mason tees that weren't too bad. Made in Los Angeles.

Regarding sizing, this was from Rakuten that I use as guide for any other Japanese tshirts


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all are size 175, and all are more or less the same


Shoulder:  18"

Back length:  26.5-27"

Chest:  about 40"


after a cold wash hang dry and then quick tumble to get rid of the wrinkles once dry


Shoulder:  17"

Length 26"

Chest 39"


I suspect they will stretch back out as the fabric is stretchy


Overall I like (but not in absolute love) the fit of the shirts.  Love the color and texture.  

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Received the Lady White Co pocket t-shirt today (€69 at Cultizm with free shipping). Went with size s, it's tight but once it stretches a bit I'll be golden. Length and shoulders fit perfectly. I apologize for both potato cam and 8€ Asos shorts:



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Finally got my Lady White shirts and Velva sheen shirts in the mail. Sadly they're all too big. The Lady White shirts are bigger than Independences measurements sadly. Pretty much too big everywhere while the neck is pretty small. A huge pet peeve of mine, and not just really a fan of them. The Velva Sheen ones are also too big. Looking at measurements the L in both would be borderline so might just try something else. The hunt for the perfect shirts continues! 

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^Been eyeing both in xl, could you give some measurements? Thanks!



We have measurements on our site from the newest run we've gotten:


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Just picked up this loopwheeled ringer t shirt from ELMC. Bit of a weird photo. It's a lovely T. Sturdy but soft. and I nice classic cut. 

Can't go wrong with the ELMC stuff. Wish I could afford more of these. Will post some detail shots in due course.



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Couple of questions.


Anyone know if Dubbleworks makes anything bigger than a large? Maybe I didn't search hard enough but I couldn't find anything in an XL.


Can anyone comment on Reigning Champ shirts? the measurements for XL's look pretty decent. Was either those or some 3Sixteen tees.


And anyone recommend any good shirts for a dude on the heavier side? A lot of the Japanese brands always seem to be a bit small, and would prefer to keep the price under 50 per shirt.

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I definitely like reigning champ, solid construction and there hoodies are a good size imo, thinking of getting another to go with my two I have now. Not sure if their t-shirts are loopwheel though. 


Not loopwheeled but figured I'd ask since they seem to be well made. How is the shrink on them? The two pack is well priced but shipping back would kill me so want to get everything straight before I order.


Yes, Dubbleworks/Warehouse makes an XL but they sell out fast at that size. I posted a Rakuten link and measuring guide earlier.


Sorry wasn't super clear, I meant an XL in the plain colored shirts. Went through the 9 pages and sadly it seems the XL is only in the graphic shirts. Oh well.

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I find the fit on the Reining Champ tees to be way too long personally.

And I'm fairly tall at 6'3".


I might be in the minority here, but I prefer longer shirts so that is actually good to hear! I did see measurements and they didn't seem unusually long. 


if its the dubbleworks 2 pack tee's your thinking of ordering i wouldn't bother , they dont wash well at all ( loose the neck shape really fast and the fabric isnt all that nice ) 


Yeah it was those. Thanks for the info! I'll make sure to steer clear of them.

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