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  1. WAYWT (denim version) 2017

    Sd-107 going strong strikegold 12oz loopwheel sweatshirt (just washed for first time and didn't really shrink much except in the length) got a sda loop wheel tshirt underneath that as well
  2. WAYWT (denim version) 2017

    Wtaps chambray utility shirt studio dartisan sd107 anonymousism indigo socks nike mayflys and mission workshop backpack
  3. Denim Stores In Australia

    Great looking store @Saisen in other news Corlection are stocking samurai jeans now. They had sj3000(?) and the 511xx as well. Glad to have a Samurai dealer in Melbourne! Picked a a black strike gold sweatshirt from them, super luxurious feel to the fabric!
  4. Warehouse

    @kevvypf597 those measurement aren't the right one, in fact that is the store I got the shirt from! But instead of the chambray it is denim Here. The measurements are quite different to the chambray.
  5. Studio D'artisan

    https://www.denimio.com/sizechart/index/chart/id/70/ Here is the size chart from denimio, check those measurements against your own. I use to use blue in the green soho measurements for sda but they have taken them down.
  6. Warehouse

    New Warehouse 8.5 oz denim nep shirt, been a bit itchy to begin with but really lovely shirt. Picked this up from the local store, sizing was a bit strange, took a sz 36, I normal wear 40-42 so not sure how warehouse decided on their sizing.
  7. Denim Stores In Australia

    I hope Marty stocks some rmc watch caps, I want one of them, shirts and jackets maybe later
  8. Loopwheeled/Vintage T-Shirts

    How is the sizing on those? Looks like the chest size might be in between what I need but are the measured 360?
  9. Studio D'artisan

    Love the black buttons and that patch looks great. Speaking of SDA buttons, on my pair of sd-107 I've noticed the buttons seem a bit low quality, like there is a sharp edge on the underside of the button itself that could damage the fabric over time. Anyone else have buttons like that from SDA? also look those jeans are available on denimio already
  10. Denim Stores In Australia

    ^^Similarly, I'm one purchase away from getting to the 5% discount. Thinking of grabbing some of those jelado loop wheel t-shirts.
  11. Denim Stores In Australia

    Lucky to have so many good stores in melbourne, wish godspeed had some tcb western shirts. they have a couple of pairs of 50's denim but not much else right now from tcb. Guys in Corlection have been pretty helpful to me, just picked up a pair Studio D'artisan sd107 from them couldn't be happy, could of got them from denimio but been trying to support the locals recently.
  12. Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    32 length only? I guess they aren't catering to longer leg people
  13. Loopwheeled/Vintage T-Shirts

    I definitely like reigning champ, solid construction and there hoodies are a good size imo, thinking of getting another to go with my two I have now. Not sure if their t-shirts are loopwheel though.
  14. Samurai Jeans

    Wondering if anyone has any impressions of 0511xx after giving them some wear? Good bad ugly? Tight weave? looking to get a pair of new jeans for the summer months here in Australia and the measurements look good but haven't had a pair Sams before
  15. Studio D'artisan

    Does anyone have recommendations for something similar to the sd-103 but with a looser weave. The cut seems good but reading here people are saying they don't breath well