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Do Studio D jeans fit true to size, what I mean is if I wear/measure a 34" waist should I take a 34 or size up to 36?

Interested in a pair of the Sales Man jeans which is based on the 103; the Studio D site says they measure 91 cms which is almost 36", but allowing for shrinkage they would probably come down to 34. However I got to store to measure them and they say the 34" measures 88 cms.


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My waist probably fluctuates between 32-33. I wear a 32 in SD101 and they fit perfectly. They've probably stretched to 33-34, although the stretch is a bit slower on these than some other brands. TTS or down 1 size should be fine for the waist but obviously there are other factors in terms of overall cut that you'll be aware of.

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I tried to size down 1 on some 103's and had to sell. Low rise did contribute here though. TTS on 101's are a great overall fit on me, but i need to keep the waist stretched out with a bit of wood when soaking. These are only a couple of months old, so will no doubt stretch to be perfect in the next 6 months as Maynard said.

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from personal experience, on 15oz 6x6::

101 = TTS

103 = TTS or SUO

105 = TTS

as for the 15oz LHT version [001, 003, etc.], they were cut more generously & the denim stretches a bit more than the RHT, so size downs are a must.

the XX 14oz version does not shrink as much as the 15oz 6x6 + gets stretchy down the line, so size downs are also warranted..

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