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  1. Now that Rakuten Global Market has been officially closed for a few weeks, was wondering what folks are using as their preferred alternates? I'm based in California. I'm familiar with Denimio and OkayamaDenim, which I've used, but both have a narrow selection, and I have yet to try Amazon Japan. I still can't figure out how to use Rakuten Global Express (derp). I'm most bummed about Rakuten Global Market closing because it gave access to quality used / second hand stuff. Are there any other options for buying second hand without Rakuten Global Market?
  2. xiaobenben

    RRL Rodeo Ralph Lauren

    Picked up the blue suede teddy bear, for my toddler daughter (but also kinda for me). Mine didn't ship with the custom box so RL customer support gave me a $75 partial refund off of $240. At $165 its merely an expensive teddy bear, rather than an outrageously priced teddy bear. Kinda like it, so does the kid. FYI on a fringe RRL item.
  3. Momotaro makes an amazing chambray in multiple earthy colors. Tones are medium rather than dark or light though I’d say.
  4. While I also love the concept of Visvim and Kapital I find them too avant-garde for a ‘plain guy’ like myself to pull off. Visvim (and Kapital to a lesser extent) is also what’s known as a ‘Veblen good’ meaning that, like other super high-end fashion, its appeal increases as its price / exclusivity increases. On the other end of the spectrum are the repro / Americana brands which are the bread and butter of Japanese denim but lean a little too far into the ‘lumberjack’ look for my taste. For what it’s worth my faves recently have been brands like Blue Blue Japan and 45rpm, which, like most other brands beloved on this forum also emphasize super high quality, but are not necessarily super identified either with the Americana set or the high fashion set. My 0.02!
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