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oh, thanks BF, I'll take a look.

edit - The description doesn't say Ai dyed and I think it would if it were - but the denim looks nice.

OK, I managed to get ahold of Naoki on email and got some of the questions about the new jeans answered.

The D1505, the newest collaboration between PSA and SDA, uses the same 15 oz. denim as the standard SD-103. Thanks to a misunderstanding between PSA and SDA, all of them are one-washed.

The SD-S2, the Hirata model, uses 14.5 oz denim. It is not natural indigo.

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^ Same denim as the regular 103?

Mmm, interesting, looks like the d1505 is off my list of jeans to get then.

Thanks for the clarification :)


PSA is multi-generation, family run business in the Tochigi countryside - they don't have the manpower nor the need to have a fully developed online shop like SE or BiG.

They've got more jeans than any of the US stores, but not that much staff, and most of their business is from walk-ins or domestic phone/e-mail orders...can't really expect them to have professional quality pics and measurement charts - just be glad that Naoki's English is fluent and he is willing to ship overseas.

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Thanks Pistol, I knew about the LHT/RHT aspect, which is why I bought them. I checked measurements and shrinkage on the d'artisan site last night and it seems that while the 001s are cut slightly larger, they will shrink more than the 101s. I hope they don't stretch back too much though as I don't want them too loose.

Lovely denim though, anyone else have experience of the LHT?

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anyone know how the studio crewneck sweatshirts fit? i am a big guy so i am hoping they are not to fitted at the bottom because it looks like the shoulder and pit to pit on the xl would fit comfortably.

They look pretty boxy, so you should be OK, but be aware that with most SDA tops, I've had to size up one from my normal US sizing. Never tried a sweatshirt by them, though, so I couldn't tell you if that is the case with them.

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