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Nice Indy's Atzec. I decided to go with the Clippers, but was tough deciding!







Pre-Soak Pics (soaking should sort out the lower legs)

I know my cuffs are pretty crappy, just did it quickly.



Very pleased with the jeans, good construction and the denim looks good quality.

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i dont know if this has been posted cause i havent really checked this thread in a while but damn some of the fits on their webpage for the fading challenge are awful. i know they generally wear them baggier in japan than we do on the future but woah.


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I only saw one collab on Naoki's page and that was with a zip fly. So does your pair have a zip fly? Is the denim sanforized?

Unsanforized and zip fly still kinda scares me :D But I'm not a friend of zip fly anyway.

So after that pair it seems that the Whikey Cat and Samurai still have to wait? ;)

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Naoki said they are unsanforised, and the reason why they used a Universal zipper was because customer feedback to SDA said buttons were too hard to do up on the 21 and 23 oz jeans.

I'll let you know how they go after some hot-soaking!

I'm thinking they'll be OK - my RJB 66bspbk from SE were also unsanforised with zipper fly, and they have worked well so far :)

And yeah, Whisky Cat and Samurai will have to wait at least til next month (my parents are going to Japan soon, maybe I'll get them to proxy me :P).

I'm also tossing up whether to get the 18 oz Summer Campaign or the Book of Five Rings Musashi edition (with blue/black weft/warp) - similar cut and details, but different denim - so hard to decide without seeing the denim in person :(

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Mike, those look great, any fit pictures?

I haven't got them yet - 3 day countdown :)

I'll put up some pics when they arrive.

They have the 03 cut, similar to the SD-103, SD-003, SD-103XX, etc

I found out the second shop (only 2 shops in Japan) carrying the 21oz collab.

It's Frisbee, but they don't have a special collab. patch though. Some pictures from Frisbee:



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Oh wow, big spending spree :)

Nice pick up!

I know it's off-topic, but did you by any chance look at their 10th anniversary collabs with RJB, Tedman's, PBJ, etc?

Can you shed some light on the new 13.5 oz RJB denim or the new PBJ denim?

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