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  1. DenimProject - The Deviants 2013 Contest

    Looking good tv, Mich. I find myself not wearing my pair as much as before due to the fact that I couldn't really get comfortable with the high rise especially when sitting down. It is worse during meal time as the waistband presses on my gut. I have other high rise/ repro cuts but this is not something I used to. I hope you dont get me wrong, I am not complaining but just describing my update wearing Devi's. Nevertheless, I still wear them as much as I could alternating with my UES pair.
  2. UES Official Contest 2014/1/1 - 2014/12/31

    February fit update, nothing much going on fade wise but I will post full jeans update by the end of the month...
  3. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Im not entirely sure where should I ask this but I think this thread might be appropriate, I recently picked up a NOS levis ( non LVC) they are made in US with paper tag. Inside label code states they are from 1997 . The top button has 553 stamped on it. Anybody knows which factory does the 553 represent?
  4. The Flat Head

    nice fit you got there saintkeat
  5. UES Official Contest 2014/1/1 - 2014/12/31

    ha thanks guys, b_F I got them raw size 29. However, the rise is on the lower low and they are cut with Y-style yoke thus making the upper thighs abit fitted for me. The denim on these feels like a thicker version of my old 660 dubbleworks with less irregularity. It breathes excellently despite its thickness. I was pleasantly surprise with the amount of leg twist. If you notice on my left leg the seam almost moved to the front. Edit:@b_F, Ive emailed Lee with my details and cover pictures. Cheers for the reminder!
  6. UES Official Contest 2014/1/1 - 2014/12/31

    Here are my long overdue fit pictures. 400S size 29. Top block and thighs are still a little uncomfortable, I hope they will ease up soon. I had worn them for about 4 times with double cuff. I wonder if it would fit me better if I had gone with size 30... what do you guys think?
  7. UES Official Contest 2014/1/1 - 2014/12/31

    Sorry man, wasnt directed to you. It is just I was expecting to get taxed since they hold back my parcel As for my pair, I normally hot soak my new jeans and put them in the washing machine for a gentle warm wash but since this time they are abit tight in the waist pre-soak and thigh I decided to spare the wash and just did 2-3 hour hot soak. They shrunk up moderately all over, managed to button up all the way but the top block is still tight, the rise is pretty low on 400S. Hoping they will stretch out soon... I'll try to get the fit pictures up as soon as possible. These few days I only got home in the late evening and I dont have much space indoor or a good lighting to snap some pictures inside
  8. UES Official Contest 2014/1/1 - 2014/12/31

    Finally got my pair, thank god I didnt have to pay any tax. No.15 checking in. They're soaking right now
  9. UES Official Contest 2014/1/1 - 2014/12/31

    I just received a call from the custom yesterday and apparently for some reasons I have to pick the jeans up myself at the office. Maybe they're trying to tax the package. Pretty weird since I have never got taxed buying jeans from japan before. Im only able to go to their office next Saturday...so it looks like it will be another week until i receive mine...
  10. UES Official Contest 2014/1/1 - 2014/12/31

    Indeed very nice fit Finn ! My jeans are stuck at the custom since Monday, no new update for the delivery yet according to the EMS tracking. Hopefully I can get them by Friday. Perhaps the holiday season backed ups has delayed the processing at the custom...
  11. DenimProject - The Deviants 2013 Contest

    !st January update, happy new year to fellow deviants
  12. DenimProject - The Deviants 2013 Contest

    beautiful roping....
  13. The Flat Head

    good fit indeed.. one day I hope I can own a pair of 3009 but it will satisfy my fantasy if TFH produce them in their 16oz denim
  14. Eternal Jeans

    @conqueror about your questions, few years ago I had 883 and 811. For me the problem with 883 is not hip flare but butt sag. the hip is slim but the back rise is abit high for the slimness of the cut thus resulting a saggy ass for my physique but then again I have a flat ass so I think it will suit better for people with more meat on the gluteal region. It will shrink by around .5" to .75" after a few washes but you can always hand wash in cold water About the size, im size 30 in both 710s and 883...
  15. DenimProject - The Deviants 2013 Contest

    Thanks rustygoose, Somar and aho ! Love the denim on these