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  1. TCB

    Since I want maximum shrinkage I may just stick it in the wash and see how it goes, thanks! The waist came out to be 17" BiG method, so I definitely think I received a raw version. I'm really liking the fit though! The fit is definitely what I wanted and expected, but I don't think I'd mind if it shrank a bit too. The only issue really is the inseam. 29 inches is perfect for me, so I'm hoping it'll shrink those 2 inches. I'll update the thread with some pre and post wash measurements and results! The paper patch isn't wrinkled at all. It was the first thing that made me skeptical if it was washed or not
  2. TCB

    Received my 50s today! I ordered directly from Inoue on Facebook. My true waist is 33" and he recommended that I get a size 33, which I did. I also asked for it to be one wash and with a 29" inseam. I was under the impression that Inoue was able to provide a one-wash, or maybe some things didn't get through as I don't believe the pair I got is one washed. But the inseam is 31", which has me guessing that it was left that way so it could shrink to about 29" after a wash. Should I reach out to Inoue again or just shrink it myself? I've never put my raw denim in the wash, so I'm a little nervous. Is there a specific setting that I should use on the washing machine?
  3. TCB

    How good is Inoue’s english? Would I need to translate to get some things across?
  4. TCB

    Cheers! This helps a lot! :] Cost is roughly the same as Denimio with a hem, but buying direct from the head honcho is very cool!
  5. TCB

    Is it okay to just shoot Inoue an email about purchasing a pair from him? Around how much would the shipping costs be to the US? What type of payment does he take?
  6. Hey all I’m looking for jeans with plenty thigh room and wide pocket openings. I usually wear a size 31 in jeans, and I’m looking for something like 12.5”+ in the thighs. Or something close enough. So far my best bet seems to be UES 400T, but before I bite the bullet I want to weigh out my other potential options first. Would TCB 50’s be another good choice? I’ve recently tried on the WORKERS Lot 801 but that wasn’t really what I was looking for, it was close though. I want a pair where I can easily fit my hand in and out of the front pockets, and has a roomy top block. Preferably tapered or straight fits. Thanks!
  7. TCB

    Thanks all for the replies! I should've made it clearer, but when I meant big pockets I was mostly talking about the pocket openings My Samurais and Japan Blues have deep enough pockets. But the problem is that I can barely fit my hands in them, and I don't even have big hands! I'd like to use the front pockets more if I could, but I'm just not able to easily. So was just curious if TCB had wide front pocket openings since I've been eying the 50s for a while
  8. TCB

    How are the pockets on the TCB 50s? Are they big enough to comfortably put your hands in them?