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I tried my hand riveting the buckle end instead of using chicago screws (which I prefer) - I did a practice run on a couple of old leather off cuts using copper rivets and was quite pleased, so I jumped right in and made myself a belt from a J&FJ Baker strap (same leather as my Tender Co. belts) but used brass rivets to complement the buckle … fuck me, I hadn’t realised (although I should have) how much harder brass is over copper :sad:

Anyway it needs a bit of polishing and burnishing but here you go …



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3 hours ago, Duke Mantee said:

Thanks doc … just a simple affair, except maybe I’ll put an elasticated section at the back so I don’t need to keep adding holes to accommodate my gut :laugh2:

Know how you feel :blush2:.

Anyway l enjoy the simplicity of that design, more so than your previous, more elaborate masterpieces. If any of the 3 belts l do own ever give way, that plain one above would be something l would wear. 

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29 minutes ago, Duke Mantee said:

… and I finally got to finish that simple belt for myself - J&FJ Baker 13-14oz Harness Leather in chocolate (about 5.5mm thick), solid brass rivets and a Japanese brass buckle


Like this one.

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