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Really a nice combination of design elements in that one, Duke.


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J&FJ Baker oak tanned bridle overdyed and solid brass buckle given a custom patina to ‘match’ the the antique brass studs.

This was probably the most demanding studwork of any belt I’ve made on two counts - number of studs and the the accuracy needed for the repeat pattern which consists of 4 panels of a Celtic knot, a Celtic cross and custom lettering styles:




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On 12/4/2023 at 10:34 AM, Duke Mantee said:

For @MJF9 - a Wickett & Craig ‘American Vachetta’ rough out with a solid brass buckle that’s been sanded and re-polished to allow the metal to oxidise very quickly.



Been wearing Duke's fine creation quite a bit... the patina is coming along nicely and steadily methinks


20240128 Duke Mantee Roughout Belt 2.jpg

20240128 Duke Mantee Roughout Belt 3.jpg

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The thunderbird design is getting popular - albeit each has been subtly different (jewels, studs and layout) - so Tyler Bryant (of the Shakedown fame) has another:

Wickett & Craig harness with nickel plated brass and antique brass hardware;



His wife Rebecca (along with her sister) is one half of Larkin Poe who won a Grammy for their album Blood Harmony, so a belt for her:

Wickett & Craig bridle with a big ol’ western buckle set and antique nickel hardware;





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