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Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info


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Strike Gold "Deep Indigo" Limited Jeans & Loopwheeled T-Shirts

Strike Gold had been working on a new 17oz denim that would create a particular indigo shade they had in mind.  The mill produced a small run of the fabric for them which they were satisfied with, then shortly after when the production run started Strike Gold put a stop to the run because the shade didn't match the initial sample run.  The mill stated they could not match that exact shade again unless they added pigment dye to the indigo bath.  Strike Gold refused to do this as they wanted to stay with a 100% pure indigo dyed jean.  These people are extremely particular about their denim.  They decided against making a jean that wasn't exactly as they envisioned, so instead they produced only 175 pairs, which is all the initial denim run could be made into.  The jean is cut into Strike Gold's slim tapered XXX9 fit and is availble only at Self Edge and at Strike Gold's own shop in Okayama, also, each jean comes with a Strike Gold tote bag.  
Along with the new jean we've had Strike Gold make us a new run of their very popular blank loopwheeled tees, these are the ultimate loopwheeled t-shirt.  The feel, fabric weight, stitching, and fit are top notch.  They've also managed to make them up to XX-Large by putting a side seam on the largest size.  
The jeans, tees, and a full restock of most Strike Gold jean models are available now at all Self Edge stores.
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will there be a restock of the SG sweatshirts?

Yes, in December when the new run is done.

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Dang, the new SG patch looks fantastic, so much nicer than the old one. Are they using that on all models from now on?


Nope, only on this special edition jean.

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Mister Freedom HBT Denim Appaloosa

One of the coolest denim shirts we've stocked was Mister Freedom's original Appaloosa shirt from 2013.  This season we see an updated version made of an 8oz dark pinstripe herringbone twill 2x1 denim.  The HBT pattern is more apparent on the inside of the fabric while on the outside the pinstripes are very subtle.  The fabric starts with a black/gray shade when brand new and will naturally fade to a indigo blue with regular wear and washing. 
The new Mister Freedom shirt along with a full restock of all of MF's blank t-shirts are available now at all Self Edge stores.
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Globe Specs 2015 Summer Collection

Globe Specs has just released their new summer collection of eyewear.  Made of the best Japanese acetate and titanium; these all come with premium Carl Zeiss anti-scratch and anti-reflective lenses.   They are all prescription grade and the lenses can easily be swapped out for prescription lenses.  And yes, they still come with those amazing MA-1 flght jacket protective pouches.
All five new styles of these are available now at all Self Edge stores and in our online store.
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Self Edge Hard Enamel Pins!

We've gone and made some awesome Self Edge pins, perfect for your denim jacket, chambray shirt, or any other place you want to add some flair.  These are fancy hard enamel pins made of a brass/copper blend which are nickel plated, have a hard enamel inlay, and come with really nice spring'd flat head tie-tack clasps.  Needless to say, these are step above your average enamel pin. 
We have Diesel (the Self Edge French Bulldog mascot), the Self Edge logo, and a shuttle from a denim shuttle loom.  No, it's not a canoe pin, it's what the weft yarn on the loom is spun around that goes shooting back and forth on the loom to create the weft of the denim.  
These are available now to up your flair game at all Self Edge stores and our online store.
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From John Lofgren's facebook page


John Lofgren x Self Edge high top sneakers. These limited edition collaborations are only available through Self Edge. These have all the same quality features found on my sneakers. They're of course 100% made in Japan. Learn more and reserve your pair by contacting : [email protected]



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Kiya, what's the turn around time for the hemming service?


2 to 4 days.

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Iron Heart Fall/Winter Shirts & Massive Jean Restock

We've just received our first shipment of fall/winter shirts from Iron Heart including their ultra-heavy flannel, a new indigo dyed hickory stripe shirt, and a indigo/indigo 12oz denim workshirt.
Along with these new shirts we've received a fresh batch of Beatle Buster, 301s, 633s, and 8301s jeans.  All these items are available now at all Self Edge stores.
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Those Lofgren sneakers look beautiful, but why's patch on the inner side of the shoe? 


Homage to Chuck Taylors, I expect.

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Those Lofgren sneakers look beautiful, but why's patch on the inner side of the shoe? 


Classically the patch/art is always in the inner ankle.  

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Only grey in this seasons UHF?


Yup, passed on the green and red, we've had those same colors so many times in the past ten years.

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Do you still carry the USA PF Flyers at SEPDX?


Nope, Lofgren sneakers and boots and Lone Wolf boots/shoes at SEPDX only.


Also are you getting that insane indigo jungle cloth pea coat from buzz rickson?


Hell yes, next week.  It's a Sugar Cane x Buzz Rickson pea coat, should be at all stores on Monday or Tuesday, and a pretty damn good deal at $675.

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