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Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info


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3sixteen Heavyweight Hoodies, Indigo-Dyed T-Shirts, & Jean Restocks

3sixteen have just done a fresh run of their heavyweight hoodies, available now in gray and black.  These use a heavy custom woven cotton fleece and custom matte-black (on the black) and gunmetal (on the gray) double-pull YKK zippers.  The hoodie has a great fit and we don't think you can buy a better hoodie anywhere near this price.
Along with the hoodies we've received a restock of 3sixteen's indigo-dyed pocket t-shirts which come in a 2-pack.  The first run of these sold out in a matter of days and we're happy to have them back in stock at our shops.  These have a slim fit, short arms, and a small pocket and will fade and age over time with regular wear and washings just like a pair of jeans.
Along with these items we've received full restocks of over 20 different models of 3sixteen and 3sixteen+'s jeans.  These are available now at all of our stores.
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Yo Kiya, do you know when you're expecting your f/w Stevenson shipment?

There looks like there's some killer stuff coming in their f/w collection.

Also I need those John Lofgren high tops ASAP.  B)


Lofgren sneakers hit all stores on October 24th!  I cannot wait. 

The Stevenson F/W collection hits all stores November 5th, we're waiting for a couple more things to be completed before our order is sent out to us.

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Info on those denim that your model is wearing.


Stevenson 714 Valencia.

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Kiya: From a business perspective, why this location?


We rarely do anything purely because of a business decision.  Without a larger company owning us and with no investors we have the freedom to do what we want, and sometimes those choices come off as odd.  

When we opened in Portland many asked why not a larger city in the US or Canada, but we fell in love in Portland and made some very good friends there, we wanted to be there and share what we did with the city.  This new store in San Jose del Cabo is the same story, my wife and I have been visiting Mexico for almost ten years, over that time we fell in love with everything Mexican.  We found it was a good chance to finally try to open a summer-wear only store with a higher concentration of jewelry.  We could have done it in the states but if you could see the region we're in and the weather, beaches, and dunes, it would all makes sense, it fits very well.  I know you've been buying from us from many years, definitely consider coming down for a trip, it's beautiful, the food is amazing, and the beaches are warm and plentiful.

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pants shaped table is awesome. 


That canoe pin on your jacket is awesome.

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are the Lofgren sneakers still dropping tomorrow?



They'll be at SENY early next week and will start to trickle into the other shops shortly after. We'll have them up on our site about a week after the ones at SEPDX land.

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Goodrain those sweatshirts shrink a ton in length with a machine wash and tumble dry. I think the rakuten measurements reflect what they will measure after full shrinkage. Check out how small the indigo sweats measure compared to an unwashed crew in the same size. Those indigo sweats have been hot washed and dried. Any other difference in measurements between self edge and rakuten probably just comes from different measuring methods. And you should definitely get one. They are amazing.

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Buzz Rickson USN Pea Coats, Wiliam Gibson MA-1 Jackets, & Wool Watch Caps

We've just received one of our first winter shipments from Toyo.  This order contains fresh runs of the very popular William Gibson x Buzz Rickson MA-1 jacket in the slender (long) version, the 1910's USN Wool Pea Coat, and the best USN wool watch caps you can buy in three colors.  
There's also been a price reduction on all items.  Everything is available now at all Self Edge stores.
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