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WAYWT 2019 [denim edition]


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I tried SoSo clothing and got a 5oz selvedge chambray shirt. Happy with the way it fits (went with their XL measurements) and I hope it ages well. 2nd pic displays the fabric against a pair of Hellers.  

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Not your usual post but the new 3sixteen 21bsp got there first day out on the grit, started in shorts thinking they'd be too tight but cold legs and scrapped knees forced me into them, managed some flexier moves than expected. First attempt at a super classic boulder went well but not quite well enough.


Random beanie I found up Snowdon

Vintage Pendleton trail shirt

3sixteen 21bsp


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Boarding a flight

Vintage Harley Davidson hat

Glad Hand tee

Gangsterville Glad Hand shirt

Gangsterville Glad Hand jacket

Trophy 1607

BH oxfords no vis

Edit:  here’s a better pic including the 1607 and detail on the Gangsterville shirt emblem on the pocket (Their theme this year is based on pool hall hustlers).





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