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The Sneakers we wear with our jeans


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6 hours ago, istewi said:

I just got some Converse Chuck Taylor Oxfords. Not sure how I feel about them. I sized TTS (10), even though all reviews say to size down. My wide ass feet are to blame. Kind of getting a clown shoe feeling. Is that normal for Chucks?

I could size down at the risk of being too narrow. 


Zappos has most converse is medium and wide sizes. I remember picking up a regular a couple years ago from them that I exchanged for a wider.

I don't like to size down on Converse as I have wide feet and I don't like feeling constricted. In fact, if I can't get a wider option; I size up and play around with thicker socks.

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Picked these up a few weeks ago. Im pretty impressed with them so far. I also picked up a pair of Italian military deck shoes ill have to post a picture of.


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3 hours ago, itschrisb said:

Anyone have any experience with Novesta or Bata Heritage?

I got a pair of Noveta from DSW for $24. They felt kind of cheap and didn’t last long but I can’t complain too much with the price I paid. I found the sizing true to size.  

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Just spoke to The Fixer shop.jp over email and they said they can ship to USA using Paypal as payment so if anyone here is interested in that rare CALEExPro Keds collab they did this year, it's up for grabs and they're now on sale.  Not my taste but I'm glad I can finally buy Calee and a few other brands instead of getting the dreaded "We don't ship to USA" email each time I'm interested in buying from their retailers.









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IMO Converse totally fucked the sizing of the One Star. The US size is now the same as the UK size ie a US 8 which used to be a UK 7 is now a UK 8. So what this means is that the 8 is way too small for me and the 9 is far too large.

For reference, I'm a US8 in Cons 70s.

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