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Ooe Yofukuten: 2016 Contest Interest Thread


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Not another contest?!


You knew it was coming, and now I'm proud to announce that yes, there will indeed be another contest with our old friends Ryo-san and Hiro-san at Ooe Yofukuten! 


As Ooe no longer accepts individual custom orders, we will be working with international distributor, Standard & Strange, who are graciously down with working with us and Ooe to fuel our denim addiction. That said, Ooe is still a small production and we're looking for a rag tag team of individuals who are looking to wear a one off pair that wouldn't be available otherwise. This means that we're looking for around 20 or so participants max, but are looking to move quickly: If we can get this solidified within the next 10 days or so, we'll have the jeans delivered by late-March 2016, for an April 1st, 2016 start date if all goes smoothly (shipping, customs etc). Not to drop the hammer so soon, but we have a great opportunity to squeeze in our order and get the ball rolling ASAP.


Details: so what are we going to be wearing? We will be going with the 60's 02XX cut with a custom leather patch with all participants sufu names ala the previous Ooe contest, but the main factor will be the denim:


#17 Un-sanforized Left hand twill weft thread gray 13.75oz  :  


We will be treated to unknown territory; that of the Left Hand Twill, grey weft, slubby #17 denim. What do we know about this denim? Aside from this picture, not much (at least on my end). This is a pair at 2.5 years, which might suggest that it's a tough nut to fade, and given the grey weft, will be darker and more irregular than a typical fabric. The vertical striations are strong with this fabric, and it'd certainly be different than any other contest we've had since it's a relatively unknown fabric, likely among the first LHT contests ever, yet still has the subtlety of Ooe with a hint of vintage. I'm very intrigued with this denim and would love to break it in! The key thing to remember, is that Ooe selected this fabric and therefore must have confidence in the results! Here are some more pictures, apologies for the resolution/photo quality:












$300 SHIPPPED in the USA

$330 SHIPPED International (DHL Overnight)


*Please note that for international, you'll be able to have your package marked with a lower value (without insurance) upon request.



Standard & Strange will be setting up a custom product via PayPal in which we'll pay full price beginning around the weekend of 1/9/16 (estimated). When ordering, please include your size (Waist and INSEAM YOU WANT AFTER WASHING), your Superfuture name for the patch, and if you want the packaged marked lower in value for customs if international. For example, I want my jeans to shrink to a 28" inseam after washing, and will mark my size as 36" Waist, 28" inseam after washing. I will notify everyone when the PayPal custom product is created and orders are ready to go.
Ooe states the #17 fabric will shrink as typical of all their pairs. These jeans will shrink from tagged size, and the best way to order is to measure your waist (or wherever you wear your jeans), add two inches, and order that size. For example, my waist is 34" where I wear my jeans, so I will order a size 36. Please reference the following size chart for measurements:




So there you have it! SS-1702XX! There hasn't been discussion on a prize (if/what it would be), but honestly the chance to buy a custom pair from Ooe is a prize enough for me. I suspect we may or may not get that many participants given the short notice and lack of any other details, but please let us know if you're interested (ie: willing/committed to buy) and what questions you have. I'll reserve the next post to compile a list of all interested parties. 


Thank you for your time, and may the denim be with you!

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Please include your name ONLY if you're committed/willing to purchase:


1. Broark (ordered)

2. JohnM (ordered)

3. gutrhriegking (ordered)

4. aho (ordered)

5. Felonious Monk (ordered)

6. Tigerstrom (ordered)

7. rayw44 (ordered)

8. corporalclegg (ordered)

9. ALB (ordered)

10. Foxy2 (ordered)

11. mrsmiff (not contending)

12. pudaspriest (ordered)

13. ironheartfan123 (ordered)

14. garden gnomes in space (ordered)

15. lsaylor (ordered)

16. givemefive (ordered)





Please don't forget to include in the Special Instructions PayPal section:


Superfuture name:
Lower Customs Value?:

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Thanks for your efforts aho.  Denim sounds great, especially slightly heavier #43.  I love S&S, but was sort of hoping for a direct connection, given (possibly) higher USA pricing and (in my case) California sales tax!   :o

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Thanks for the interest everyone! From my understanding, indeed, we'd be ordering these through S&S paying US retail and shipped from the US as Ooe doesn't take direct orders anymore. The yen has dropped, but it wasn't so long ago when we were paying $325+ buying directly through Ooe, so something to keep in mind for perspective!

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Ooooof, and there goes the 2016 resolution to beat up my existing OA XX denim pair... This seems like a new record.


Please sign me up. The #43 looks great, but I would definitely not be sad with a slubby LHT denim ending up in the mix. What I don't get in that picture of the #17 above: how is there no whiskering? Does that person only stand perfectly straight in their jeans?

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If anyone has questions about fulfillment, store pickup, or anything like that, let me know.


Regarding time - LHT tends to wear in pretty quickly, so a year might be sufficient.  


Also, I am in for a pair of LHT but I won't be participating in the contest as I'm biased, obviously.  

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I was unclear, too, on whether just one or both denims would be used. To be honest, I'm not interested in the LHT—I've got more than enough streaky denim—and was hoping for 10 pairs in each fabric.

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Sorry all if I wasn't clear! We will only be using ONE fabric for the contest; #43 if there are less than 10 people, #17 if there are more than 10. Since a few mentioned they'd only be interested in a #43 pair I was marking them down as such, however, it looks as though we're on track for the #17 denim. Please let me know if this is a deal breaker for you!


Additionally, we'll be sticking with the 02XX cut to help streamline things on Ooe's end! 

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