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  1. Oh by the way... there's also another OA denim release on Sunday at Denim Bruin, this time in the OA01 fit, I think we're looking at 5 or 6 pairs of those.
  2. Just a reminder this is all going down this weekend. We've got not one, but two new denims by Ooe launching at the shop on Sunday.
  3. I love the way this LHT is evolving on all your pairs. Makes me want to run another LHT in the near future.
  4. This is exactly what they are. -- Release Date --- We are releasing the S&S x OA Saddle Pants at Denim Bruin 2017. Available in-store for the event on Sunday, July 30th, and online on Monday, July 31st.
  5. And now, a year later, they'll be back at the shop.
  6. It's that time of the year again! Denim Bruin returns July 27th - 30th.
  7. Price will be $335 We'll have measurements once we have these in hand.
  8. Cut will be similar to OA02, but a bit higher rise, with a slimmer leg. Thanks! There's two patches going on at random, one of me, one of Neil.
  9. It's made from OAXX denim, no time machine treatment this time.
  10. The production run is on a plane, and on the way to us right now.
  11. Here is something that is happening shortly.
  12. We made a shop t with TSPTR featuring Mickey Rat, who somehow has never been sued by the Big D.
  13. Thanks! More boot heat coming later this year, too. The M-43 is built on the same Munson last as the original M-43s. If you're not familiar, it's one of the best universal fitting lasts out there. Russell Moc has one of the best breakdowns on it:
  14. I just dropped some new studio photos of the service boot over in the Shoes That Look Better With Age thread. Here's a detail shot of just how clean these are for discussion purposes: