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Denim World Championship - SuFu Division

Max Power

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plastic crow, yes hehe


that tuxedo is great, and the fit in this 800 really improved through the washes!!


your cardigan even looks like a dapper waistcoat  :)  :)  :)

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Please count me in guys: Big John R008 @ Middleweight. Long time lurker, happy to be a part of the squad finally : )

My Big John Rares are great. Started out super stiff. Took two hot soaks, then a wash and tumble dry to get the fit I like. I put them next to my unwashed, and unsoaked Big John Rare jacket and the indigo is equally dark on both.

I only have 20 days of actual wear on my Rares, and I might use them for the DWC too. Have some W.H. Ranch in the works, after a week in those, I'll decide which to use.

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thanks for the birthday wishes! Probably will soak them tomorrow. I'll do a full detailed write up soon. This pair is 100% single needle, so the fabric you see dangling is actually a rope that lines the inside of the hem. Pretty wild.


edit: may I be added to the list?

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I'm really tempted to sign up with a new pair. Oldblue is releasing a 25oz jeans because of their anniversary and they come in a special made in Indonesia fabric.

On the other hand I promised myself to not buy any new denim and rotate my 0702 and masa some more after hwdc2 is done. Decisions, decisions...

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