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Denim World Championship - SuFu Division

Max Power

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I have decided to switch from my Samurai to the indigo duck IH-634. Unfortunately, there were some minor construction issues upon arrival so they're with Self Edge for repair. I was able to start a thread on the DWC site, but not able to post photos. As such, I'll put some preliminary shots up here.





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God bless everyone wearing heavy-super heavyweight denim.

For a second I thought about getting a pair of the DWC UHR and then I realized how painful that would be to wear in the summer here.

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And so it begins......


To celebrate the start there will be random tee shirt give aways throughout the day to random contestants  :)

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Not the best of pictures. 31 wears today.

The crotch is taking a beating. I think it will have to be reinforced once or twice before this journey is over.

These do fade fast. Makes me wonder what will be left after two years.


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Okay guys here we go!!! 19 wears on the jeans and 10 wears on the shirt. Tux division or bust!






Decided on the Tellason shirt after a few days of wearing the SDA one and loving it, but this one is more practical.

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This is how I start into the contest.


The pictures show the last day of the amnesty wear.

One last fit pic where you can see the ..... cuff and the rest are pictures from the 27th amnesty wear.


More details later this day in my contest thread.


Have a nice weekend fellow contestants!!




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Okay, here's the debut of my Railcar James Fit X021 (Kuroki 14.25oz). They have about 25 wears on them (7days in New Orleans, which may count double depending on your outlook).


Steven Dang & his crew @ Railcar have packed these things with amazing details, which I'm trying to document at the outset of the contest. Apologies if this is too many pics.


The usual pics:

IMG_1135.JPG IMG_1136.JPGIMG_1139.JPGIMG_1141.JPG

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Today i went testing the jeans by the seaside. The weather was nice and sunny with occasional cloud coverages at 33 Degree Celsius and the humidity of 68%. Being the sea shore it was breezy.








And, surprise, surprise! the 25Oz denim proved to be rather bearable in that weather. As in, of course this garb is not exactly optimal for body heat transfer, but then denim in tropical country never is. What really got my attention is that, while of course in direct sunlight I wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face and go my dandy way for too long, in the shade or in the breeze the fabric proved quite breathable. My legs could actually felt the wind blowing through the fabric, and that’s amazing! Some of the lighter denim I’ve worn couldn’t do that!

Phew! I guess the next 2 years wouldn’t be as torturous as I thought it would be.




After a week's worth of wear the denim is still rather hairy. Let's see how long these last. 




(Full post on the DWC forum)

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For any contestants looking for a simple way to upload glorious full sized images to the DWC forum, there is now a guide stickied in the Info forum.

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