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  1. Final update DWC Redcloud hemp 17oz All repair done by myself
  2. Thanks I think around 8 washes, I dont know for sure
  3. Some update redcloud r400 hemp I made the photos in 2 different area on the same day
  4. Finally I took some pics inside: outside to much light
  5. Congrats Cander and Fanya Thanks Mega for the organisation
  6. Thanks guy, ya those r400 are really great fit wise. I have another s400 on of my favorite fits
  7. Ali_Ilegali Redcloud r400Hemp Fit pics and detailshots: Some older pics when I first got this jeans.
  8. I will participate as well, with the Redcloud Hemp 17oz Later today I will registrate in dwc website
  9. Favorite:
  10. Indigoroots is down and most people are not on darahkubiru So this is my first post on Sufu HC-IR-01 Ali_Ilegali Sage Marcher 18oz