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Denim World Championship - SuFu Division

Max Power

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@Megatron - you can't go wrong with that choice. 


Also consider the weight of 25oz is raw, so they'll increase. BiG has listed on the 24oz S5000KA product page that the 24oz increases to 27oz when washed. Assuming a similar increase for the 25oz 15th denim, that would put it at 28oz. 


I've been wearing my S510 25oz 15th for a few weeks straight and just switched to my SExIH13 634S 23oz, and they feel like lightweights, LOL! 

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Doing better than me Broark, my mrs told me my oni were the worst jeans I own. Something about them being too hairy!



haha, she will come along too  ^_^ one day... :D

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I'm coming late to the party, but no matter! I am in the midst of the PBJ 012 competition (going until October) but I figure I can put a good effort in on this competition too. 


I plan to sleep in whatever jeans I decide on for the remainder of the PBJ 012 contest. I need help deciding which pair in reserve I should unleash:


Somet: 008 13.8oz

Rising Sun: 'Bloke' Cone Denim 14oz

3sixteen: ST-200x 14.5oz 

Wrangler: Slim Cowboy Cut 14.75oz

Momotaro: 0702 15oz 

Iron Heart: IHxB01xOD 21oz


Keep in mind I have to sleep in these (not really, but will anyway)....what do you all think? Suggestions?


Consider this a controlled experiment for the first 6 months: 'The sleep fade'



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Here is a brief list of jeans I could bring to the table:

BruNaBoinne - BNB13N (Natural Indigo)

FullCount - 1108XX

FullCount - 1108PH

FullCount - 1768

FullCount - 1922

IronHeart - IH-643-LB

KickingMuleWorkshop - 1950 AWA (Natural Indigo)

OoeYofukuten - OA01XX or OA02XX or OA03XX

PureBlueJapan - XX-007

PureBlueJapan/Take5 - TPJ-510

RealMcCoy - Lot.001 or Lot.003

RedCloud - various...

RisingSunJeans - Blacksmith

R.J.B. - D105LTD - various...

SamuraiJeans - various...

SJC Denim - Yard Boss

StudioD'Artisan - various...

SugarCane - various...

SugarCane/MrFreedom - Lot.64

TCB - 50's cut

TheFlatHead - 3005-A

TheFlatHead/Take5 - TR-010

Warehouse/Heller's Cafe - HC-035

Lee/Warehouse - 101 Cowboy "triple name"

...if only I could make up my mind!

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Foxy, you could talk to someone about your addiction, maybe get some help, LOL! 


Tough problem to have, my friend! 

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@Max - I just entered the tux division. 


I'll be wearing The IRON TUX! IH634-XHS x IHSH-33 black denim. 


Today is the first day of wear for both garments. Both have been washed once. The shirt is so awesome, I'll post some close up pics of the black denim soon. It's very rough and irregular for IH. Lots of white nep showing through. 


Still unsure about the boots. I have another idea for a custom pair of boots that I'm going to pursue, but it'll be a few months before I get them. 



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I vote Wrangler, those are sick.


Went to the Cherry Blossom festival in San Francisco over the weekend :)







Also, I'm leaving to Vietnam tomorrow night. I plan to force myself to wear at least my jeans, but i doubt I'll wear my jacket.



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Foxy i dont even understand how you have so many jeans! i respect it though haha I vote the Rising Sun, any of your SDA, the PBJ take 5 jeans are amazing, or KMW.


I picked up a Tellason Clampdown 10.5oz cone mills shirt today. The fit is spot on for a denim shirt for me at least. I considered doing a jacket but for practicality and getting to wear it as much as possible im going to stick with a shirt. Im going to go check out the SDA workshirt at BIG tomorrow hopefully and see how it fits and make up my mind which shirt i will enter.


Cheers to everyone so far. This is going to be fun!

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I'm a little miffed here.......almost unanimous agreement:




These are such opposites!


One has the highest rise I've ever tried on, the other is the lowest....

One retails for $25, the other retails for $300....

One is broken twill, the other is right hand twill.....

One has been sitting in my closet for 4 years, the other had been sitting on the shelves of 'Coastal:Farm and Ranch' since about 1990. 

One was the jean de jour for skinny hipsters with a thing for Dior cuts, the other is jean de jour for guys who chew 'Grizzly'.


I'll try sleeping in both and see how that goes...

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One was the jean de jour for skinny hipsters with a thing for Dior cuts, the other is jean de jour for guys who chew 'Grizzly'

Haha, this is great! But surely you've answered you're own question. Maybe in the UK I don't get the cultural connotations of chewing tobacco but the wranglers are a hands down winner for me.

If nothing else chicks will prefer them, or at least those sleazy ones that hang around in bars wearing daisy dukes will. And they're the right kind of chicks.

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