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The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

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Interest check for the following. Trying to free up some space in my closet and pick up some other pieces I have my eye on. Prices in Euros and shipping from the EU with shipping cost added on top of what’s listed. PayPal ff preferred. DM if you’re serious for more pics or any questions.

J1A-GT 2.2 | Large | Black | 9.5/10 | €1400
J47-GT | Large | Black | 9.5/10 | €900
Nemen Zephyr 3L | Large | Purple Dripping | 9.5/10 | €400
J78-PX | Large | White | 9/10 | €900 sold
J48-BR | Large | Gray | 8/10 | €300
LA8-AK | Medium | Black | 5/10 | €400
P30A-DS 1.1 | Large | Black | 9/10 | €1000
P31A-DS | Large | RAF | 9.5/10 | €600
P10-E | Medium | Alpha Green | 9.5/10 | €600
P14-CH | Large | Night | 7/10 | €500
SP29-M | Medium | Gray | 9/10 | €325 €300


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On 11/22/2022 at 9:42 AM, thatslapz said:


J1W-GTPL Schwarzrot Medium Full pack. Like new. $1000 f&f in the US. Extra for invoice and international. Sold

WTB: J99U-WS Medium Black or J84-S Medium Black. I know these are both available on the main site, but to save some hassle with import and maybe take it off someone’s hands that isn’t wearing theirs…

Thanks for considering my offer!  Thatslapz is a solid asset to our community. Buy with confidence. Fast shipper!

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WTB (or maybe WTT some with items below)

S14-AM size M/L;


J77-AM size M;

J84-S RAF size M;

J55-MP Black size M (i have size S for a trade) 

Sacai SAC-J2762 Sage Green size 1.

Can offer for a trade from me/my friends (+\- cash): J43A-GT size M, J61-GT size M, J63A-FO size M, J47A-WS size M, J50-S RAF size M, P36-E size M, P34-S RAF size M, Acronym x Sacai SAC-J2762 Sage Green size 2, J55-MP Black size S. 

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