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  1. Theres size L P10TS-S available online @ Commissary store. https://commissarystores.com/collections/acronym/products/p10ts-ds-pant
  2. Thanks for the tip! yes definitely made sense, its being one step ahead even before the sale started.
  3. WTS 1. P10-s. Medium, Black. 9.0/10 in great condition for a used SS16 P10-S. No rips, no holes and damages. Never worn in the rain. Always used in smoke free environment. Washed once. Complete with original bag, spec sheet and grimloc carabiner. $700 shipped within US WTB 1. J1TS-S, Medium, preferably raf green/black. But ill take black too. 2. P17, Small or Medium, regadless of fabric and color but i prefer Night. 3. DS-J5, Medium, Black
  4. Union LA sale was up earlier, already had my M J1TS for check out then system said it was sold out... still within 9am no evem 9:01
  5. yes you're right, i thought XL was still available with the drop down. thanks
  6. P10TS-DS in L and XL still available at Darkside Initiative https://darksidesf.com/collections/acronym/products/acronym-p10ts-ds-schoeller-dryskin-tec-sys-articulated-pant?variant=40985609414
  7. Thanks! Yes, about half size looser than -S.
  8. Oh I didn't know there were size difference between the -S and -CH because both my P10s are -S. I'll take a picture later to show how much of difference. First thing that I noticed was I was able to zip without needing the DS stretch and my calves were not too constricted. Also, theres a lot of space around my thighs and quads.
  9. I just got my P10TS from idol brooklyn, I did a quick fit and its significantly bigger than my P10s from last year. The sizing is very similar with the initial issues of nikelab ACG woven pants.
  10. FS: Brand New Stone Island x Nikelab Sockdart Mid sz 9US https://www.grailed.com/listings/1621180-Nike---Stone-Island-NikeLab-Sock-Dart-Mid-x-Stone-Island Price: $245 + $25 shipping within US - Colorway: SEQUOIA/LT OREWOOD BRN (910090-300) - Paypal add 4% fees - No Refunds - Only verified Paypal Accounts - Will dispatch the same day as soon as payment is cleared before noon. Otherwise, it will be the next day
  11. Sizing question about teh nikelab x ACG technical shirt.. I usually wear Medium. And I read somewhere that if I wear medium on the 2-1 ACG jacket. I need to size up for the reflective pocket T-shirt. How about the sizing for the tech shirt that was release last summer?
  12. Selling Acronym x Nike ACG 1. Nikelab ACG 2 in 1 Jacket Size: Medium Price: $364, shipping included within US https://www.grailed.com/listings/186542-acronym-x-nike-acg-acronym-x-nikelab-acg-2-in-1-j 2. Nikelab ACG Cargo Size: Large Price: $217 + $15 shipping within US https://www.grailed.com/listings/333397-acronym-x-nike-acg-nike-acg-cargo-sz-large
  13. yes update about the fit after deliberately set to tad warmer in the drier, length seemed shorter and waist shrunk almost quarter of an inch.
  14. apparently another 'regular length' apparat i was initially worried about the size, coz the only one left was 33in and i'm usually 31-32in. i appreciate the posts of firstdoorontheleft and herpsky regarding its sizing and how it runs small. i'm not certain about hte 32in but the 33in offers extra room in case i gain weight or thighs becomes thicker from oly lifts. btw im 5'7", 180lbs.. 25.5in thighs.