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  1. https://acrnm.com/J120-GTPL_SS23
  2. Nice catch, but those are definitely 41s. Around 12:13 you can see the zippered cuffs on his calves.
  3. WTS: SOLD Size S (RAF) P23A-S I got from @nathan_. Wore them a couple times, all indoors (WFH life); in great condition. Hand washed carefully with Granger's Performance since last use. Looking for $850 shipped, PayPal F&F. Prefer CONUS, but we can probably work something out. Full pack, all that. Photo album
  4. Damn bro, times like this I wish I were a size larger.
  5. As I type this a pair of RAF P23 in size M is back in stock on the mothersite. Up for grabs!
  6. Couple pairs of RAF P23A up at Atelier NY, seems like I just grabbed the last ones in size M. :X
  7. Hope so, paycheck didn't clear before today and it's already sold out on MS haha. Managed to grab a Zebra NG1 though. EDIT: Seems a P23 RAF in size L is still available on MS, though I don't imagine it'll last long.
  8. I typically use the left one to carry my Ridge wallet. It's small and thin enough that it doesn't feel weird sitting around my wrist, although I'm too nervous about sharp edges to deploy it through the sleeve snap hah.
  9. Thank you! I think will go with Medium as planned.
  10. Hmm.. after finding P23A-S in Small a bit short, I was sure I was going to get the P23A-DS in Medium. But now after seeing these pictures from Fascinate, I'm starting to second guess myself. They say the pictured model is 181cm 62kg, which is pretty damn close to my build, and he's wearing a Small in those pictures. Anyone have some insight? From their measurements it seems like they might be slightly longer than the last version, but I'm not seeing measurements up on any other retailer's pages yet to compare.
  11. So excited for P23A-DS! EDIT: Few other items from the collection (including a White J1WTS-GT and two different patterned NG4-PS) are up on Phaeton: https://www.phaeton-co.com/?mode=cate&cbid=1367938&csid=82
  12. I can scan a J1B 20/21 sheet for you if you're not able to find that one specifically.
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