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  1. PRICE DROP $1000 + Shipping - Sz XL - Full Pack.
  2. Grailed Listing with more pics: https://www.grailed.com/listings/38652095-acronym-j1a-gt-2-2
  3. FWIW my plastic j91 zipper holds up great:). I like how it feels, but that is just opinion of course. Also, after owning for 1 year - I have to say that the J91WS is the BEST acronym jacket I have owned by far and I feel and look the best wearing it compared to j28, j1 and other grail type ACR jackets. It surprised me and I am very happy about it.
  4. WTS J1A-GT 2.2 XL 9/10 FULL PACK $1,500 + Shipping also open to trades for P38-E XL (probably a long shot, but putting it out there!) DM for pics
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