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    J1A-GT 2.2 impressions: -mine is size XL - Own J28-GT FW17/18 as comparison(also XL) -Tried on several models over the past couple years, but I had been waiting 100% on a J1A to drop and wasn't going to settle for anything less Jacket is unique, and while wearing it, it feels somehow on another level above 28,47 and other maximal acr shells. I can't believe I'm saying it, but wearing it I feel like the jacket is worth about $2,000 and I'm not offended by the price tag(wish I didn't miss the import hack though......:/). That being said, if I owned a previous model at 50 or 60% of retail I'm sure I'd feel differently. The collar....is great and the styling is versatile. With/without the hood and collar up/down/zippered....it totally changes the look of the piece which I really appreciate. I'm not happy to own the first acr shell made in China. I do think that this - more than the price increase which is more a product of supply/demand, and market/brand positioning - is just overall not a good feeling for the consumer and I agree with many of the points made here. Fit/Build: -Body is longer than J28, J47TS(both in xl and gt pro) - Lower body is wider than 28/47, it actually has a ton of room compared to the upper shoulder/chest area....... -The shoulder/chest block of the body is a lot smaller than the j28gt, but still larger than j47TS. I can layer tons under my j28, while I literally can't bend my arm while wearing j47ts gt because the bicep/shoulder area is so tight(I flat out can't wear that jacket). 2.2 is probably too small in the shoulders for me, but I'll make it work. Sadly, I can't layer hoodies underneath this, and it's probably not going to be a go to on super cold days to wear over heavy/warm layers. - Jacket feels a lot heavier than other shells. I'm not sure why this is - more zippers?? - Even if I knew karate, there isn't a chance in hell I can do it while wearing 2.2, the mobility is really not good - at least for someone my size - but then again I'm actually pretty huge...ha Overall: Very happy, don't hesitate to pull the trigger if you get the opportunity.