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The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

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WTS (CONUS shipping included, add fee if g&s)

Acronym s24-ds-a medium, black, new/tried on, full pack $400

Acronym p41-ds medium, black, new/tried on, full pack $850

Acronym p34-e medium, black, 9.5/10, full pack $950


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$2000 + ship/fees (purchased for ~2.3k but selling at a loss for condition)

Includes all tapes (logo tape not pictured), zipper pull, and sling but no bag/sheet

8/10 cond: fading/patina due to age but no holes or tears anywhere, pleather sleeve still nice and buttery.


CH-J31, XL (fits L-XL)

$700 + ship/fees

Includes logo tape/forcelock, zipper pull, and sling but no bag/sheet or blank tape.

8/10 cond: Typical CH material delamination present on back and at arms.



$1000 + ship/fees

No bag/sheet.

8/10 cond: fading/patina due to age, cuff hem requires a couple stitches as usual. I would have mended the cuff but it requires a stretch stitch my machine can't neatly do.




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Clarified J31 sizing, fixed typo.
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On 2/25/2022 at 9:16 PM, IzunaK said:

Bump. Sold my 3A-2. Doing some price drops as well. Also have album links to images of each piece. 

J90-DS, dropped to $675. J90 Images

GT-J34, dropped to $970. J34 Images

P23TS-S still for sale. Keeping at $1000, still unsure if I want to sell it, but will part with it for a decent price. P23TS-S Images


Dropping the J34 to $925

P23 to $950

J90 to $625

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p10- DS M (2020) - 9.5/10 - 900$

s24 - black and alpha - new Medium 300$

T101 - black and white, new Large $90

p30a DS - alpha 9/10 - 1200$

j53GT TS - Small - (some delimitation) $900

j16GT - Medium (delam 7/10) but awesome still $700

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On 3/8/2022 at 8:20 AM, thatslapz said:

US10 2 for 1 special. only tried on indoors. Comes laced and caged as is. Includes second set of cages and  laces, extra screws, dog tags, boxes etc (everything that came with the shoes originally). Both pairs for $150 net. Box is huge so US only.


price drop to $125 net, splitting them and listing on Grailed if they don't sell at this price. SOLD

Also WTS

J40-CH Medium.  This is the night CH, black wasn’t offered for this model.  Jacket and sling only (how I received it).  Barely worn, probably as close to new as you will get for a FW1415 jacket.  $1000 net, PP gifted preferred. SOLD

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On 2/19/2022 at 3:28 PM, rz.fresco said:


P23A-DS BLACK - Small - Full Pack / £1050 (F&F payment) + Shipping (Free shipping in UK)

J1A-GT (2.2 2019 version) BLACK - Small - Full Pack / £1150 (F&F payment) + Shipping (Free shipping in UK)


Willing to do dealings, take both for a J47A-WS in Medium.

updated pricing

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