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3 minutes ago, Inkinsurgent said:

I mean, drop day is still exciting, don't get me wrong. Even when you're not buying, seeing the new stuff is great.

I just miss the sort of collector's high you get from watching ebay or grailed and bumping into some old piece you particularly like. Can still get that from veilance whenever i find a 2010-2014 timeframe piece though, so at least there's that.

All of this kind of stuff just happens in cycles. That stuff doesn't circulate forever. You're lucky if you see anything older than FW '17. But I think as we move forward the cycle will continue; the hot items will sell first, the steady eddies will sit on the mothersite and retail webstores, the vets here who cop will turn over their old pieces eventually. I'm not so miffed about the temporary droughts. 

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5 hours ago, Grave said:

Also, there's a JP shop with some bits of the retail drop: https://www.urban-research.jp/products/list.php?brand=ACRONYM
Has some pretty convincing product shots of the P41-DS, for me at least.

Really loving the comparisons lmao. J1W looks like it's gonna be great for layering and big bois. Also really glad the flap is back even if there's still a zip beneath it



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Shiny zip good

S/o to faster & cheaper shipping than mothersite lmfao big up to whoever posted the link

Feel like theres gonna be enough for everyone but GL to whoever is copping on Monday ~ ~ ~


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5 minutes ago, IzunaK said:

Are any current P30A-DS owners copping the E version? I’ve been going back and forth with myself if it’s worth dropping dough for the new material, or if I should just cop the NG4 and be done with it. 

Can’t decide myself if it’s worth the hassle to switch. I do like the way the e version seems to drape 

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14 hours ago, Kamikaze said:

Can’t decide myself if it’s worth the hassle to switch. I do like the way the e version seems to drape 

I used to own the P30-CH and the drape was fantastic compared to the DS version in terms of the way the pants held their shape. The DS are fantastic pants but the stiffer materials give them a beautiful shape from the side that you just don't get with the Dryskin. I expect the E will be similar.

中古】100%本物 ほぼ新品 2018SS新作 ACRONYM P30-CH BLACK【S】ACRNM アクロニウム NIKELAB ACG  JACKET nike lab Presto force の落札情報詳細| ヤフオク落札価格情報 オークフリー・スマートフォン版

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