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  1. “M” for the NGs means male zip track. The new NG4 comes with an extra adapter that lets you use it zip into a liner and not just shells as previously. They’re one size, if you got one you’d be fine
  2. Sorry, I knew this. I meant for P30 specifically
  3. Does “P30AL” annoy anyone else? I know it’s stupid but the “A” in P30A used to mean removable cuffs, and these FW2324 pants are just full length. P30L-DS would have made more sense. I dunno
  4. J33-E was pretty slept on, but I'm a huge fan of it. I would love an opportunity to own a J62-PB or J38-LP, though
  5. Errolson once said "copy the process, not the result" in that interview Race Service put on YouTube. I think you missed the mark on doing something inspired by the Blazers versus just making a very crude replica of them imo
  6. I'm a little late to the discussion, but I just wrapped up a trip to the beach and decided to use said travel plans as an excuse to purchase a pair of SP29K-M. Comparing to SP29-M, there are a few quality of life upgrades. Similar to P34-E, there are small patches of GoreTex that serve as reinforcement in high-stress areas. And similarly to P24A-E, there are loops on the interior of the shorts that you can hang them up with. In addition to the mesh pocket bags, there are also small drain holes on the lower cargo pockets that are far less effective at emptying liquid compared to the interior pockets, but still help make the shorts more suitable for swimming. Lastly, the (much lighter) fabric has a ripstop weave. The necessity of this is debatable, but a slight surprise as it doesn't show in photos. The negatives first: The excess length on the integrated belt is annoying in water. The retainer loop does not help much and while you can cram it into a pocket, it won't stay there for long. Maybe a minor nuisance that will affect some more than others, but this is my biggest complaint. Secondly, the pocket array. It's just overkill. I did find some use for it by being able to swim in the ocean with keys to a car (with no worry about loss) but no pair of swim trunks need all this storage. And when you're not swimming, storing any item larger or heavier than maybe wireless earbuds can be pretty uncomfortable for walking around or sitting. The positives: The fabric used on the "K" variant is much lighter than it is on SP29-M which makes for a much better pair of swim trunks but more importantly a better pair of shorts as well. Whether or not you like the metallic look or not will be up to you, but I'm indifferent and it's not too shiny in person. The shorter length is also much more summer appropriate and in my opinion, comfortable. Of course, they also look cool. So if you're searching for something to swim in, you can probably look elsewhere. But if you want a pair of summer shorts that can be used for swimming in a pinch, these are great. Especially when you can get them on sale from HBX for "only" $330 USD. Overall I'm pretty happy with my purchase and wish I had just skipped SP29s in SS22 and waited for these
  7. Unrelated but nice to see Ian wearing Mykita instead of some tacky frames from Balenciaga or whatever else as has been the status quo for model shots lately
  8. Honestly would rather see overstock, even if it were without sales, than see pieces getting scalped. Errolson seems to struggle with finding a balance, though opening pre-orders would probably be a good way to dial in the right quantity for not only the item itself but the sizes. Small stock always seems to disappear quickly and then XL will sit for a year or more. Of course I'm just saying this because I want my chances for the upcoming J36-WS to be as high as possible when I know it's going to be a sought-after jacket and competition to cop will be intense
  9. The removal of belt loops is a downgrade imo. Don't see why all the silhouettes that used to feature both (including P15) have dropped them to become integrated waist band only
  10. Mothersite pics are taken way in advance, so it's not uncommon for there to be changes with the final release. The cuffs on the S29-PR are another recent example. For the P23Q specifically, that extra piece is a quick release tab, similar to the one on Coevo exclusive P30s. When you pull on it, the tension on both sides of the integrated belt is relieved allowing you to take the pants off just a little quicker than individually manipulating each buckle. Not super useful but it looks cool imo
  11. Little early for FW, figured this drop would still be part of SS23. Not that it really makes any difference, unless maybe the release cadence is accelerating
  12. Always size for length. Most pants - including P10 - are relatively generous in the waist. The only thing that’s tricky is sometimes the measurements can be either inaccurate or inconsistent
  13. For a shell? J1A-GTPL. It’s a bit more attention-grabbing than my J47-GT (or even a J1B-GT) but being able to stow it in a bag gives me the option of always taking it with me just in case the weather is unpredictable. Trying to fold GoreTex Pro is just a nightmare. As far as liners go, the J78-WS is fantastic because it’s extremely warm but also very stealthy. J58 and J91 might have more pockets but this isn’t exactly something I find necessary for a liner. Pants are easy. The everyday wearability of P10s is just unbeatable. DrySkin is the popular choice but I would go with Stotz personally. Unfortunately the one item I’d like that hasn’t been made yet almost existed. If only the J1A-FO made it to production
  14. Long. P30s are already “ultra-wide”
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