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  1. hanzen1138

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    WTS: SS19 Nike ACG cargo pants Particle Beige size XS 8/10 for $125 SS19 Nike ACG cargo pants black size XS 9/10 for $110 Not accepting trades. Shipping from the CONUS, message me for rates. Buy both to get a discount and combine on shipping!
  2. hanzen1138


    Similar-ish situation. When I bought my 3A-1 in March I didn't quite yet understand the way the bag wraps around the body, and after having judged the bag measurements online I thought that it would be an appropriate tool to carry my late 2018 13" MacBook Pro around. It's a pretty slim laptop that fits into the bag just fine if I have to make it work, but this obviously ruins the shape of the bag. In a pinch, this would be acceptable except for the fact the bag isn't padded. Around the time I ordered the bag I bought the BagJack 13" laptop sleeve...which I think is made from Cordura. While I do like the sleeve even if it is a bit expensive, it's kinda bulky and really prevents me from wearing the 3A-1 in the way it was designed to be worn. Maybe I should have looked into the 3A-5 but my initial impressions of it led me to thinking it was too big for an every day bag. I too would miss the mezzanine pockets on a TS bag, but if you really need to carry a laptop with you, I think a 3A-5 would be best. I also don't really see the point of commissioning a custom 3A-1 that's larger because wouldn't it still have the same issues but just be bigger? In addition, the BagJack inserts are pricey but would be at least cheaper than a custom bag, and also I can vouch for the quality - they're really well made. Kind of a newb to Acronym, but hope this helps ✌️
  3. hanzen1138

    arcteryx veilance

    The pic is a little grainy, but I like the colour. It's still bright but also somehow comes across a little more muted or subtle than other presentations of this shade. But I can't help but wonder how it will be incorporated/fit into the rest of the Veilance line.
  4. hanzen1138

    arcteryx veilance

    Ah, disappointing but good to know! Looking forward to the A/W collection. Finding Moondust from S/S this year was already kinda hard because I just bought it recently, but it is much darker in person compared to the product shots, so maybe I don't need to hold out hope for Loden after all. Still, that looked like a really nice colour, though... Thanks!
  5. hanzen1138

    arcteryx veilance

    Somewhat new to Veilance but I've already collected 3 Frame shirts because I loved the first one so much. I was just wondering, do older colourways ever come back? Obviously there's always a black but I was wondering if they just rotated through the colours each season. Definitely looking to add Loden and Vapour to the closet
  6. hanzen1138

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB the following: P10A-E in black and size small J78-WS in size small J81-WS in size small 3A-WB2 Located in the CONUS and willing to buy anything used as long as the condition is a 7/10 or greater
  7. hanzen1138


    Appreciate it a lot! The difference between sizes seems small but I suppose even a few CM can make a big difference. Definitely wish the J47 had an expansion gusset for 3A bags like the J76 because my 3A-1 doesn't feel like it gets covered by the back of the jacket much, but maybe a medium will help with this. Or I might just be over-stuffing my bag ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Weird, so far I've had a good experience with Notre. Currently waiting on a single item I ordered exactly a week ago, but with them being under staffed and probably overwhelmed with orders due to the sale I'm not worried. Saw somewhere they posted a notice saying things would take 7 business days to be shipped out. Honestly in my experience, that's better than ordering from Union LA
  8. hanzen1138


    Newb here. Spent the $6 mostly to get access to the BST thread but I also semi-recently purchased a J47 just to get an Acronym jacket instead of actually getting the Acronym jacket I want. Total rookie mistake, but don't get me wrong, I do love the jacket and it is WAY better than any shell I've had before. I have a size S NLACG Meta which I am fond of and fits me well so I also bought my J47 in a small. Didn't take into account layering, though. If I get what I want (J36-S or J1B-GT) should I get a medium instead? Things work currently but I don't have the mobility I thought I would have with all the crazy articulation. And will a small AuxZip fit a medium if I do size up?
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