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  1. hanzen1138


    P43-GT or P44-DS? Former makes sense since it's an "overpant" and all
  2. hanzen1138


    I’m liking the look of Schwarzgrün but it doesn’t quite satisfy my hope for the return of the Petrol colour. Interest has been piqued when it comes to P46, but SS23 is mostly kinda meh looking to me
  3. hanzen1138


    Errolson must have partnered up with ASUS again and it looks like there's gonna be an Acronym/David Rudnick customised ROG Flow X13. As if the G14 wasn't overpriced enough, the follow up is gonna cost $3500 USD supposedly. Maybe it'll drop alongside more tacky gamer merch. Can't be the only one who thinks this is stupid. (Not my photos btw)
  4. hanzen1138


    As cool as a P30-CH rerelease would be, I wouldn’t care for the Gen 1.1 treatment. But I would love an opportunity for more P10/P10A in that fabric. That being said, if it isn’t the same luxe modacrylic blend as it used to be I’ve got zero interest
  5. hanzen1138


    As an all year pant, I prefer the -E because it's more comfortable in warmer temps and fairly weather-proof in colder seasons. Encapsulated Nylon also has just an ease of mind to it because it's extremely durable and I never worry about it when wearing or washing. Yeah, P30A-E is a noisy pant but you'll get used to it, and in my opinion it drapes and looks better than the -DS versions. Whichever variant you get I'm sure you'll be happy with, though because both fabrics are great
  6. hanzen1138


    Trust me, J29-WS isn’t slept on. This is at least the third time it’s been re-released so maybe it won’t sell out instantly like the last time it dropped but it won’t be sitting on the mothersite, that’s for sure. As for the J29U-PX, it’s only dropped once. Maybe you’ll get another chance. And if you’re a size small @nathan_ posted one in the BST thread And it looks like the trend of old jackets getting renamed continues with the modernised J46 becoming a J103
  7. hanzen1138


    J29U-PX doesn't have Alpha Direct insulating fibres lining the main Pertex Quantum fabric. They're the same otherwise, minus the addition of two exterior pockets to the U version
  8. hanzen1138


  9. hanzen1138


    Lmao. Guess the rumours of shipping delays were true
  10. hanzen1138


    Next retailer drop. Black, RAF, and grey. Originally got teased in the mothersite drop with the P50-E. Guy must have a plug at his local boutique
  11. hanzen1138


    It's easy to play the devil's advocate in the MIC vs. MIE debate. There's the quality control issues that plagued Gen 1.1 P30As produced in China, and then on the other hand you have European-made J63As with the incorrect AuxZip sewn in. People are making these garments and these kinds of things are just bound to happen in one place or another. There's also biggest QC issue ACR had with the sacai collab which was made in Japan where buyers were getting jackets with peeling seam tape. There's definitely a stigma when it comes to Chinese production because I'm sure we all want labourers to have good working conditions and proper wages, but I doubt Errolson is outsourcing production to the lowest bidder. I've accumulated a fair share of MIC pieces over the years and haven't experienced much more than maybe uneven stitching or a loose thread - the same things I find on MIE pieces all the time. Obviously MIC pieces aren't a diffusion line but they certainly are more accessible, and I'll probably get a bunch of negreps for this but I think that's a good thing. A pair of pants going on sale at a retailer can be the difference for a prospective buyer being able to afford them or not. And it's cool to see staples like the J1A get reiterated on because even if I won't be buying one, someone else will get the version that they've been waiting for after they missed out on it seasons ago and don't want to pay archival prices on Grailed. And for the diehards, there's still mothersite exclusive drops. Best of both worlds if you ask me
  12. hanzen1138


    Pants are the best thing Acronym has to offer imo. Come for the jackets, stay for the pants. Obviously there’s a few silhouettes that are notoriously short but as long as you’re aware of it you can size accordingly. Sounds like you just need to size for length and lock in your waist with a belt. (P10s are the only pant this doesn’t work well with in my experience.) Worst case scenario I’d rather be wearing something that fits just a little bit off than resort to purchasing from EL but that’s just me
  13. hanzen1138


    -PR is mercerised so it should be less prone to shrinkage in general, but you should avoid warm/hot water with cotton. Also be sure to hang/air dry or if you do use a dryer use a low heat setting. That being said I've sometimes thrown caution to the wind with my S27-PR and not had any issues with it shrinking
  14. hanzen1138


    I didn't like it either but when you put it like that I'm now sold on the new J28-GT. I really fuck with the vision, E
  15. hanzen1138


    Honestly P43-GT isn’t nearly as unflattering as it seems in Darklands’ shots
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