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  1. hanzen1138

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Long shot, but WTT a 9.9/10 SS21 3A-1 (black w/ olive trim) for SS22 X-Pac 3A-1. Full pack and willing to sweeten the deal with cash on my end. Open to selling as well to fund buying the new one
  2. hanzen1138


    FW2223. New J1TS is going to have the J1W cut and be made with GoreTex Pro. I guess J1WTS-GT is just too much of a mouthful so it'll be labeled J1TS-GT. Wish it had the SS17 J1TS colour scheme, silhouette, and a different fabrication than -GT but a new J1TS is still exciting
  3. hanzen1138


    Never really worried about the durability of X-Pac, but it’s cool to see that all the new THIRD ARM made with it is ripstop. The Cordura stuff tho…
  4. hanzen1138


    Grey S27-PR silently updated with an XXL? Don't remember this being an option for the black, and I was looking at this the other day where I also don't recall this size being there, even after the mothersite updated the product pics
  5. hanzen1138


    In my experience with both Stotz and Epic Nylon neither are really pet hair magnets. Can't speak on -LP, though. Could just be different weight Etaproof
  6. hanzen1138


    Stotz is an awesome fabric, and I feel like it's been missing from a lot of drops lately. I want more Stotz pieces - jackets particularly. But it sucks for pants. P10A-S were my first ACR pants and I was obsessed with them...until I experienced some of the other fabrics on my legs. Maybe some silhouettes are better for -S than the P10s are, but it's definitely way more restrictive than everything else in Acronym's arsenal of materials. Just not what I want in pants, honestly
  7. hanzen1138


    No, they're not oversized. At least not in the same way the P30/P31 are, but they're still pretty generous. Sizing is already up on Hotoveli who also has the drop date marked as the 19th of May
  8. hanzen1138


    I also wish it had a hood. Kinda weird considering it does still have hand gaiters for extra protection, which honestly make the sleeves look awkwardly long I too want more P24As in the future lmao Btw, prices: J95-WS: 983.00 J97-M: 592.00 SP29-M: 544.0 S26-PR: 378.00 P39-PR: 434.00 S24-PR(-A/B): 182.00 S25-PR(-A/B): 177.00 All in Euros. Retail drop once again coming in at super low prices. Wondering if it's the fabrics, switched factories, a mix of both, or maybe something else
  9. hanzen1138


    Second retail drop looks to be coming soon https://nubiantokyo.com/en/blogs/jp/acronym-ss22-collection-2nd-delivery https://hues.co.jp/96472-2/ And finally, with the SP29s I think a lot of us have been waiting for
  10. hanzen1138


    E just threw up some pics on his IG and I have a mighty need
  11. hanzen1138


  12. hanzen1138


    Trying out the P39s, but more so for the fabric than the pant. Still very interested in SP29s and just wanted to get a feel for the material first instead of copping those blindly. For anyone else interested in P39s, HBX has them for significantly lower than the mothersite and other retailers
  13. hanzen1138


    It's been a long wait, but SS22 is just around the corner
  14. hanzen1138


    Incoming for likely FW22
  15. hanzen1138


    Getting impatient for these. Wish I could be wearing them already
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
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