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  1. hanzen1138


    Prada. Can't remember the exact name of it, but if you search "Prada studded chain link necklace" you'll find it. Def a cool piece, too
  2. hanzen1138


    Upcoming FW2223 P23A-DS will have the "new" QLQR waistband similar to the Coevo exclusive P30A-DS but non-removable cuffs, unfortunately
  3. hanzen1138


    Missed opportunity. Almost makes it indistinguishable from 2017 bags
  4. hanzen1138


    Blackout (foil?) X-Pac 3A-1 with Racca zips teased in the Coevo exclusive drop?
  5. hanzen1138


    I don’t think P30 will sit, because as many times as it’s been released there’s still a lot of people trying to get a pair it seems. And even used MIC 1.1s are more expensive than they are on the MS since on second hand sites sellers are asking ridiculous prices. At least we have P44 to look forward to, and more P23As
  6. hanzen1138


    Tbf I would have, too. That's too much for verification, especially when you can just order straight from the mothersite via PayPal without all that extra hassle (and potential risk)
  7. hanzen1138


    Iirc Farfetch is a "marketplace" that independent channels can sell through but holy shit, that's awful. I'll be steering clear of it. Hope your creditor refunds you fam, gl dealing with that mess
  8. hanzen1138


    The 16" outright won't fit. A 13" (and maybe the new 14") will fit but the 3A-1 has no padding, which will not only make it uncomfortable but will increase the chances of damaging your laptop. If you use a sleeve like the Bagjack ones it might work in a pinch for smaller sized notebooks but will prevent the bag from wrapping around your body the way it was designed to
  9. hanzen1138


    SP29K. Should be Kurz (short) with an above-the-knee cut. The metal nylon material looks like something out of a Stone Island catalogue, but should still be sourced from Milliken
  10. hanzen1138


    I agree, but it just seems to be a pattern lately. Or maybe because it's the huge amount of time between re-releases? But P34 is very similar to P1/P5, P39 is the new P9, J97 is a J10, and P44 later this year will just be P3A but with phone slip pockets added. Wonder what else we'll see resurrected from the back catalogue? Most of what I'd like to see issued again is from more recent collections around the mid 2010s and not really that old, so I'm just better off trying to hunt down my grails than hope for a new number
  11. hanzen1138

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Long shot, but WTT a 9.9/10 SS21 3A-1 (black w/ olive trim) for SS22 X-Pac 3A-1. Full pack and willing to sweeten the deal with cash on my end. Open to selling as well to fund buying the new one
  12. hanzen1138


    FW2223. New J1TS is going to have the J1W cut and be made with GoreTex Pro. I guess J1WTS-GT is just too much of a mouthful so it'll be labeled J1TS-GT. Wish it had the SS17 J1TS colour scheme, silhouette, and a different fabrication than -GT but a new J1TS is still exciting
  13. hanzen1138


    Never really worried about the durability of X-Pac, but it’s cool to see that all the new THIRD ARM made with it is ripstop. The Cordura stuff tho…
  14. hanzen1138


    Grey S27-PR silently updated with an XXL? Don't remember this being an option for the black, and I was looking at this the other day where I also don't recall this size being there, even after the mothersite updated the product pics
  15. hanzen1138


    In my experience with both Stotz and Epic Nylon neither are really pet hair magnets. Can't speak on -LP, though. Could just be different weight Etaproof
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