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  1. hanzen1138


    Agreed. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to get your foot through the bottom of your pants and it gets stuck. Really makes you appreciate some of the wider ACR pant models and even older P10s before they nerfed kneebags.
  2. hanzen1138


    As garish as some of the upcoming clothes that are part of the Blazer drop look, I still think that's gonna change real soon. I really hope I'm wrong, but between the Acronym x Nike collab just around the corner and the not too far off SS22 Acronym x sacai drop... But whatever, that hype will pass eventually in a few seasons I'm sure
  3. hanzen1138


    The price increase doesn't really surprise me. But the 3A-1 gained some weight according to the specs, and that's interesting. Guess the new metal zip is made of something super high density lol
  4. hanzen1138


    Don’t have a link, but here’s a few more that have circulated since my last post. I’m sure there’s more to the capsule, including the Blazers obviously
  5. hanzen1138


    Recent SISP collections make me find this believable
  6. hanzen1138


    Sorry for the embed spam, but here's some Acronymjutsu from a Japanese retailer. Nice to see the J1W and P30A from the second drop
  7. hanzen1138


    Really loving the comparisons lmao. J1W looks like it's gonna be great for layering and big bois. Also really glad the flap is back even if there's still a zip beneath it
  8. hanzen1138


    Same here, but part of me knows that's just because I'm settling for the "next best thing" to P24A-S or P24A-DS, which go for ridiculously high prices even second hand in just about every size. While some pants look better in Encapsulated nylon (imo) like the P10A-E (especially in Alpha Green) and definitely the P34-E, I'm not totally onboard with the look for these. But at least I'll have a shot at this particular model of pants, and hopefully now that there's finally more P24As prices will come down for older pairs in Stotz and DrySkin, or Errolson will see how much they're loved and give them more releases
  9. hanzen1138


    I can't tell if the list of items is complete or not, but my guess is that if there even is going to be P23-Es, they'll be only available on the mothersite. I know P24A-Es are coming, and they're not on that list like a lot of other confirmed stuff like J93 and J99 - so there's pretty much guaranteed to be more acrnm.com exclusives. Also, I don't really have connections and definitely not access to Subnet either therefore I'm not gonna have a lot of info. Just speculation. I'm "lucky" I got the stuff that I got, and just wanted to share it because the gatekeeping in the ACR community (on or off Sufu) is excessive. Figured knowing what's coming should help potential buyers plan for what they want. That being said: Some people in a chat were mentioning Oct. 20th, so the drop may be happening then. Also, the NG4 is approximately $295 USD after conversion from a Chinese retailer? Maybe the price will be less at other boutiques, idk. Last thing I know: The new -GTPL is PacLite Plus, which allegedly is thicker with better abrasion resistance. I'm sure it'll also be warmer for the colder seasons and have better insulation properties than the standard PacLite used in SS21. Shared all I could and probably won't be able to answer any questions. Enjoy the pics!
  10. hanzen1138


    Most of the upcoming retailer drop has already circulated, but I basically stumbled upon these and figured they're worth sharing:
  11. hanzen1138


    Mothersite just updated with J38-LP, P38-DS, J98-SS, J29-LP, P38-AD, LA6B-DS, and S14-BR. Nice to see the P38-DS has black zips like the -GT had. P24A-E is mentioned in product captions on the J98 page, so that's now confirmed and hopefully dropping soon. Also mentioned in captions is a J90-SS, V5-PX, P44-DS, J93-GTPL, J3-HY, J99-WS, and an explicit mention of the upcoming P41-DS
  12. hanzen1138


    Here's another angle of the J16, and I'm not sure what pants. I've heard rumours about new P23s but I can't tell from this pic. I've also seen a few mentions of P30A-Es, so maybe we'll be getting 3 colours this time around? Whatever pants they are, the Night/Navy colour looks sick and I'm happy to see more use of it Edit: Another pic of the P41s I think. Not sure why the shoes are blurred, but a theory is that these could be the upcoming ACRNM x Nike shoes. Still, can't tell. Second pic is from SS22, and I really wish the quality is better, but I think I see P10As of some sort. I'm guessing the colours and patterns are weird because this stuff is probably designed in collaboration with Chitose Abe's sacai label.
  13. hanzen1138


    Here's one I missed. I'm not entirely sure what it is, but I've heard that it could be a new NG4 with different coloured zip options. Personally, I'm most excited for the new J16. It looks really good in Alpha Green. My guess is that it's going to be similar to the recent J69 with what looks like stretch panels and could get a -HY suffix. But what do I know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyone else have a favourite or a planned purchase? I haven't seen the alleged new P23s yet but if they do drop, I'm definitely going to be trying to get a pair of those.
  14. hanzen1138


    Here's to hoping I'm not breaking any rules then lmao Edit: Added 3 images that didn't upload the first time I posted
  15. hanzen1138


    I've got pics of items from the upcoming season. Are they okay to post? Or should I just DM them to those curious?
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