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SDA released quite a bunch of great limited edition jeans

some other examples (available at Superdenim.co.uk)

Clipper edition (one of the two famous pigs)


Indy edition (the other piggy)



D1466 Made in Kojima edition


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yea i havent worn them since the crotch split , there down at the store now being repaired , looking at the pic's now they suck i just cant get the colour right . ill try again in a few months

have you thought any more about the 16oz 103's ?

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thanks they have not been worn in a few months so as soon as i get them back ill start wearing them again , i love the denim its soo soft and smooth.I am glad to see SDA getting some love because it is a realy cool brand their sweatshirts are awsome too ill have to get some pics of my 1st persuit sweat when im home

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s should stand for "simplified" which is a wwii model. im guessing no rivets on the coin pocket and donut buttons

Thanks for that, cheep.

Like Flash says, great to see SDA getting some love...

SLAB and bF: those new LHT Indy jeans look very desirable...

I'll post some pics of my D-01s soon.

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