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Just got a pair of IH301S so i wont be wearing these 103's for a while so i thought id post some pics. sorry for bad camera angling had to take the pics myself with a point and shoot. worn for 8.5 months, everyday wear with 1 wash a month ago.





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just washed my 103s yesterday... just a hand wash... barely any change... and ive worn them every day at work for 3 months now... maybe more. only real difference is there is an inky blue coming out in the lap, and some whiskers are popping out. not worth pictures yet.

i swear, my new evisu that ive worn for a week are almost as faded as these.

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picked up a couple pairs of older SDAs recently - please feel free to share any info that you might have on these.

Natural indigo dyed? The denim is soft and not as heavy as normal SDAs, the hue and color is consistent with the other types of natural indigo denim which i've seen before


Anyone knows when did SDA switched from their old Levi's-like arch to the current one? Their tabs also seems to be on the right side instead of on the left.


Donut buttons



Came across a DO1S one wash pair in W32 few months ago but its oversized, the thigh is just too big so I pass over them. Came across another pair last weekend in W30, anyone with any idea when these came out?

Paper tag, dino-graphics


Generic button-flys instead of SDA-branded buttons


Round flat rivets


Stealth arcs in black


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unfortunately they don't have any SDAs in 34, there's a couple pairs in smaller sizes though, think it's 28 and 30 if i remembered correctly - not sure about the model #.

Dam Bunga you came across a lil hidden treasure. Does this store happen to have any size 34 with old arcs and tabs left?


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I read through a bunch of pages and am more confused. I got a pair of SD103s shipped over from a friend in Japan. As far as Japanese denim, I was most familiar witht he fit of my Skull 5010 raw jeans. I got them in size 32 and they are just a little big in the waist. So, in the SDA, I ordered a 31. Before soaking or anything, these are "snuggish" in the waist. I could try and soak them and then wear until dry, but I am thinking I would be better off to try and get some other ones. Sorry for asking the same question I know someone else has 10 times already on this thread, but do the experts have any advice?

These are Japan market jeans, even though the exchange rate sucks right now, should I just sell them here?

I would post some pics of the Skulls and SDAs, but I don't have any on Photobucket.

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